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For over 5 years we have been manufacturing screw piles, as well as the installation of screw-pile foundations, lift and movement of houses, construction of fences on screw piles and installation of sliding and swing gates. Buy our piles can be delivered to any city in Russia and the CIS. And order professional installation of our representatives in the regions, which are listed on our website under contacts. The project "Build and Live" we are engaged in the construction of frame houses and behind us have dozens of successful projects. We build houses, strictly following the generally accepted technology, making them warm, strong and most affordable. And as we do, to actively show on the channel. Also in this state has a unique employee with a complicated name Dji phantom 3. With the help of the channel is carried out exciting and educational heading "Fly with Us". The Channel Development: Yandex money- https://money.yandex.ru/to/410013483072055