O.A.R. - City on Down (Live at AXE Music One Night Only)

Music video by O.A.R. performing City on Down (Live at AXE Music One Night Only).

O.A.R. - City on Down (Live at AXE Music One Night Only) Смотреть онлайн
Almost all bands change their sounds over time. It's a part of the artistic process, as life shapes our experiences it shapes all other aspects of our lives, including in this case they're sound. I like the direction their sound is taking. Anyone who calls a band a sellout for changing their sound needs to respect that fact that all artists do change over time.
holy motherfucking sax solo. that is all.
Should almost be called O.A.E.!!! Of a Evolution!! This band continues to Evolve!! If you're incapable of evolving than you should remove yourself and get out da way!
Matty Ballgame
I can remember back in 2002 jamming out to O.A.R. at High Point University. Whenever 'Poker' came on the house felt like it was shaking. They did it the right way man; wrote awesome music and gave all they had to make it. As a Bostonian, you guys have become a rite of summer passage for the past decade. See you at the show on the Harbor this summer, July 10, 2014. Relax for a delicate few!
All their songs have the same changes
Peggy Luna Sanchez
Jeff Edington
only 44 thousand? really?
I love this song!
Saw them two nights ago. Amazing.
Matty Ballgame
Hey Johnny Mack, you got it man!!! Well done. It's been an amazing journey to witness. O. A. R. evolve throughout the past decade. They are my favorite band, and I am thankful they continue to have the passion to make music. They have helped me regain perspective on what truly matters in life countless times, and to see them play Boston every summer has now become an annual rite for so many in and around the city. When I say that we, Bostonians, give O.A.R. all the energy we have, that does not provide justice. It's truly a transcendent experience the moment they take to that stage on the Boston Harbor
This band sold out mainstream and it's sooo disappointing. I mean some mainstream music is good, don't get me wrong, but I had O.A.R. in the same category as Dispatch and Guster!! HAHA redface now. Those guys actually have talent. Either way it is a sad day when I come here to hear their old music only to find that everything on youtube has been mainstream edited and sounds nothing how they used to. That is not called "getting better" it's called going mainstream.. They were great before.
Luke Schwartz
Tatum Vay
@kylerwoods I agree man their style has definitely changed but not necessarily worse... I grew up on O.A.R. (like, his mom was my teacher in high school and gave us their demo...) and they are more mainstream sounding now... Nothing wrong with being more successful and trying to appeal to a more massive audience... they can still jam though that's what I really respect about them; you can't go to a concert that sounds the exact same as the last one!
Abby Moller
theyve become so bland...i remember when they where my favorite band. now theyre jsut another band that has been drawn into the corrupt system that is the mainstream
orgasm at 5:20
sound like dave matthews band
Anisah B
ah. the sax man...is blowing my MIND!
Really like this song.
@sciontcdude they both have guitars and saxophones and white guys singing, but i think thats where the similarities end