Slash - Beautiful Dangerous ft. Fergie

[Video Available in US, CA]

Music video by Slash performing Beautiful Dangerous feat. Fergie. Dik Hayd Records, LLC.

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Fergie pulled a Cosby on Slash
I find it amazing that Slash has not changed his image in nearly 30 years and it has not got one bit old.
Samantha Corulla
I definitely like this fergie...I think she should've stayed in this genre
Sophia Mullen
I'm actually quite impressed with Fergie in this. I've never been impressed with her before. Her voice might be more compatible with rock.
Sage Nelsen
Lol, I think this video just summed up the female population of Slash's fandom
Kane Gossman
she has a great voice for rock music
FitPro Pamela
Fergie as a hard rocker? Why have I just now discovered this!?
Ryuko TheSockFucker
Poor slash man, you don't just take his hat like that :/
Frank Bowman
Is slash like a vampire or something?
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This is one of my favorite songs ever. I really wish Fergie would do a rock album, her voice is amazing for it!
KayKay Pritchett
seriously... Fergies band needs to turn to this genre. Her voice suits it much more, and this is amazing.
Skittles Yumm
Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas supplies the vocals on this track. Slash commented in press materials: "I think people are gonna trip when they hear do the stuff that Fergie is capable of doing. I really wanted to do something with her so people could hear what her rock chops are like." The song's music video features Fergie, who came up with the concept playing a sexy stalker who ties Slash to a bed. "She went to a dark place," the former Guns N' Roses guitarist told Us Magazine about his collaborator. "She nailed it."
Stacy's Glam Fam
Now thats a twisted sexy lil video. Ooh the things I would do to that man.. a true legend. My idol.
Mr Anderson
Fergie needs to do more rock stuff, this is awesome.
Jacob Gomez
I wonder if slash has messed with Fergie...
jelly belly
Damn that ASS! !!
Martín Cantú
2:22 obvious product placement is obvious lol
Alycia Starnes
Fergie reminds me of a one direction fangirl
Slash is badass and fergie is hot. It's the perfect combination