O.A.R. - Black Rock (Live at Axe Music One Night Only)

Music video by O.A.R. performing Black Rock (Live at Axe Music One Night Only).

O.A.R. - Black Rock (Live at Axe Music One Night Only) Смотреть онлайн
@GoHoosiers12 OAR Is from Rockville, Maryland....On the east coast.... not the midwest... 
i feel sad i am the only girl in middle school who knows who these people are.. ugh jerry is my favorite
much better live than on records.
I Love you guys so much. My step brother turned me onto to you guys years ago. He sadly passed away in 2012 at the age of 33. Every time I hear you guys it brings back such good memories. Love you Gabe!!!
Uebie 2
Funny that the Followers of O.A.R. know every song with a passion .... then you watch these people pretending and only knowing the words to the pop radio songs :). Still a amazing band.
How can people say they sound mainstream? They have changed their sound (improved in my opinion), but they sound completely unique. I can't think of any band remotely similar.
Dorel Benson
i know jerrys sax anywhere
John Farr
I live 20 min from where these guys grew up in Montgomery County Md. and about 10-15 min from Black Rock Rd in Germantown, MD which this songs about
@levito8 OAR's continues to release live albums. Any Time Now was their first one, very quality. the Madison Square Garden album is awesome as well.
Douglas Donato
Good band, none of the people singing along know the words! haha
Dan Wilson
@bstiles916 their saxaphone is sex for my ears
1:42 Epic dude...
Tom Ryba
hell yea rockville, md.
O.A.R. is awesome!!!
Better than DMB
I grew up with this band .-.
Tom Ryba
Dave Matthews wanna-be's.
been following the band since the early 2000s, glad to see them get great exposure, but sadly the last two albums haven't been that good.
Cory Dorau
which song is it when asher roth makes an appearance? it's the same venue...
is this about LOST