The Pretty Reckless - Miss Nothing

Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing Miss Nothing. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

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when you stop having waffles with rufus.
Calm down Little J
where are the rufus waffles
why is she so unbelievable perfect
Monika R
She was 16 here and started the band at 15..... That's crazy
Susana Ortega
am I the only one who's n love with her hair ?
Atlas Absentee
This song is great.

Also she's hot af
Mohamad Jukhoo Fardeen
I <3 her ...I'm a new fan
Tomas Joel Beramendi
Spotted! Little J not so little any more... Has Jenny moved on from her quiet life as a fashion designer to become the next rock n roll it girl ?
She was my age when she recorded this yet she looks like a goddess and I look like a potato
Grace White
no youre miss humphrey..
I'm love with this woman!! 💚💓💜👌👽
Dino Dog
Am I the only person who thinks she'd play an amazing Harley Quinn
Sofìa Angulo
JENNY HUMPHREY OH MY GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Viktor Lima
She is pushing object off of table, rolling on the table and going around on all four.
Taylor is actually a cat confirmed
AjLufFood Xoxo
Jenny Humphrey getting rather frisky on a crowded dinner table. Even little J can't leave the Upper East Side without carrying a lasting ache upon herself. XOXO, Gossip Girl.
miss ruining-everyones-meal
yael m.
well thats how i act when i don't get my food
Can't believe she was that little girl in The Grinch lol But the more she grow up, the more beautiful she become ;)
Nate Wright
She's sixteen in this video lol