AFI - Beautiful Thieves

Music video by AFI performing Beautiful Thieves. (C) 2010 DGC/Interscope Records

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The Spirit of Botan
sasuke on the guitar tho
James Strength
I'm not gay seriously but I would make sweet love to this guy
AFI was my favorite band from back in the day. I stopped listening to their newer stuff after Decemberunderground. But I think this is a great song. Willing to give their newer stuff a chance now.
what happened to the female lead singer with the fucked up face and the adams apple? you know, the one with the long hair, eyeliner, and the ohmygod it was a man the whole time
Don't let the suit fool you, this is the same dude who wrote morning star.
Matthew Mclaughlin
Damn, Davey looking like Dr. McDreamy in this video.
Serena T.
Liked the music better when he was a girl :(
Marky Rodriguez
hey, Novak Djokovic, please stop playing drums and get back to tennis
Greggory Carroll
I used to be a hater for a long time! always was a punk! but now I'm older I really appreciate this! afi rocks!
Shawn Martel
I love how this whole video is about being straight edge and killing rich kids
Melissa Uribe
my mom is obsessed with this band
Francisco Bz
Anyone else thinks he looks like alpham?
Diana Menéndez Avila
Davey looks handsome!
Maia Iero
Another song stuck in my head
yoselyn Gonter A.
Como un vídeo tan simple , puede ser tan entretenido ... solo AFI lo pude hacer (Y)
Ah, to be young and in love. So invulnerable, yet so fragile.
0:35 Myyyyy dinner is contagious
Illyasviel Tensei
Is it weird I like Davey more with short hair?
Tj Andersen
Wow havok looks different with shorter hair
Thank goodness for haircuts :)