O.A.R. - Night Shift (Live at AXE Music One Night Only)

Music video by O.A.R. performing Night Shift (Live at AXE Music One Night Only).

O.A.R. - Night Shift (Live at AXE Music One Night Only) Смотреть онлайн
Colby Shosted
OAR should be a bigger deal than they already are.
Alex Mullins
These guys are awesome.
Too many OAR snobs in this piece. It's not pple's fault they ain't from Moco, shyeet.
Thee other best damn band in the land!
0 dislikes. Because you can't not like O.A.R.
So, does anyone else remember when O.A.R. was great in the late 90's early 2000's? What a shame this travesty is. What a bunch of tools at that show.
No trolling my man, just saying it like it is. You obviously never saw them at that point. I did. Use to travel around to see them over and over. They sold out, plain and simple. Can't blame them really, everyone's got to make a living and those 250 crowd bar shows weren't cutting it for them.
i was gonna say the crowd looked douchy but soeone already beat me to it
give it back to the fans, not the money,and what ever reason O.A.R. changed for. i would rather listen for years, spending my money. or they could try to make the new bully a friend and leave us behind. i just want my real oar. this is close, i get chills when it means somthing. please just come back home. (music wise)
Hector Alejandro Diaz
thumbs up if you want O.A.R. to tour southwest! the closest concert is 12 hours away from me...
Chris Allara
Andrew Salazar
@bchelmz axe users tend to be douchey looking in the first place kinda like hummer drivers and so on
why does this only have 17,918 views?
sounds better on rain or shine imo
Karen Leiser
Marc, with a "c." :)
Best live concert!!! Chicago loves O.A.R.
Josh Kimmel
why does Vevo suck so god damn bad
this don't sound much like nickleback tho =\
Anisah B
im mad people are dancing like this is hard rock lol