Band of Horses - Dilly

Music video by Band of Horses performing Dilly. (c) 2010 Huger Lewis and the Dudes Inc.

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Little Black Dress
Conheço essa música desde 2010 quando foi lançada conheci na Mtv ❤ é muito triste que uma música linda e de qualidade tenha tão poucos views assim eu adoro é uma daquelas que vc ouve uma vez e nunca mais sai da sua memoria .
my wife and my favorite band hands down.she passed in September last year.we got lucky enought to see them live 3 times in a year and a of horses will always remind me of the good times my wife and shared.amen
Nick Ward
still pissed this song never blew up
Captain Alm
i clearly remember the moment two years ago i was walking down the quiet street, with yellow like the sun autumn leaves covering the ground, listening to this song, my sweater was blue like the sky, the weather was warm and so was my heart
Michael Yzerman
This tune reminds me of the time I rode my bike downtown and ate an orange under a tree. I also fed the ducks some bread I had in my backpack. Good times.
вячеслав волков
Respect from Russia
This video was, is and will always be...amazing.
Eric Topp
Is this the best clip ever made?
I love band of horses!
Bonivasios Dwi
idk this just make me happy
Lau At
Infinite Love♥
No Spagetti O's were wasted during the making of this video.
Thayane Comar
lsdemons lol
Shyra M
Amazing like every song they have, I love all of  them.
Hippies Motorcycles West Coast Highway America and Rock and Roll
So, if I assemble a team of dancing bikers and do this little number, I get to fire invisible bullets from my hands and murder cops with impunity? I'm in.
the LSDemons.
hey kid :) yeah thats me at about .44 seconds. my harley is the third from the left, under the M on the murphys bar sign. we filmed alot of stuff, only a bit got left in the vid. it was fun though, made some bank. by the way, we kicked the bands ass after the video was completed ;)
Johnathon Reynolds
Great stuff. The music AND video!!