Good Charlotte - Little Things

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Yeah, This song is dedicated

(This is Good Charlotte)

To every kid who ever got picked last in gym class

(You know what I'm saying, this is for you)

To every kid who never had a date to no school dance

(Run to your mother)

To every one who's ever been called a freak

This is for you

Here we, here we go...

Oh oh oh oh oh,

Oh oh oh oh oh

Like the time in school when we got free lunch

and the cool kids beat us up,

(Reduced lunch)

And the rich kids had convertibles

and we had to ride the bus


Like the time we made the baseball team

but they still laughed at us

(You still suck)

Like the time that girl broke up with me

'cause I wasn't cool enough


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Roberta L
For heaven's sake, I want this style back ! I always liked this style (thanks, god) but I'm a teenager now, and all I see is pop, pop and pop ! I can't support pop ! hahahaha
Nathan Wedgwood
Any one listening in 2017 i feel old?
JoeThe Pandaa
Top five bands
2.good Charlotte
4.paramore chemical romance
What's your favorite bands?xD
orestes samolis
1989 - 2004 had the best music
Christna Sumpter
Ahhhh childhood. Whatever happened to Good Charlotte anyway? It's like all the punk bands died with the early 2000s.
Miss Lara
I can't believe that's there first music video
there still awesome....

The song always reminds me from the movie Dude, Where's My Car
Why can't punk like this be around anymore?
Rewatching the old videos since its official they're back together <3
that feeling when the chorus actually about your penis
Webkinz Roze
my dad told Me this song reminds him about me
hugo niggletz
wheres jessi and chester making out?
If you're over 20 and remember this. Hit that damn like button lol this was the shit back in the day man
Queen Lysa
God, I wish I was around to hear this music when it came out. I was born in 2000, and it seems like all the really good music died out when I was born/growing up. It would've been so cool to be around in the 90's when this kind of music was popular.
Gus Ram
dude where is my car?
DUDE, where's my car??
Jennifer Armstrong
these days, kids like Little Things by 1D. we like little things by GC!
Sinead -
haha compare this to One Direction's 'little things' XD
Chachi Shapiro
You know how I know I'm old? I now identify most with the teacher.
Project Gotham Racing, anybody?
Sigourney Strauss
Ok.. I agree that I like this type of music better than pop .. but you guys can't just decide that if people don't like Good Charlotte or Blink-182 that they don't have taste in music. It's what they like, you hating on them is just the same as them hating on you. Why stoop to their level?