Good Charlotte - Girls & Boys

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Educated, with money

He's well dressed, not funny

And not much to say in most conversations

But he'll foot the bill in all situations

'Cause he pays for everything

Girls don't like boys,

Girls like cars and money

Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny

Paper or plastic

Don't matter

She'll have it

Vacations and shopping sprees

These are a few of her favorite things

She'll get what she wants if she's willing to please .

This type of girl always comes with a fee,

Hey now, there's nothing for free

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My dad would play this song in the car and I would yell "dad turn it up" in the backseat I was 5.. I'm 20 now I wanna cry.
Ah man, 2002. I'd hear this on the bus home from school all the time...
Juan Ricarddo Huerta
Why am I watching this at 2016??!!
Red Kween
Please tell me other people still listen to this. I feel old.
Melisa Evaristovna
Girls like dank memes
Rhonda Shilling
I'm posting on all these songs. I am 56 and took my now 29 yr old daughter to see this group, snuck her back stage to get an autograph on her guitar, also Rancid, Yellow Card, Homegrown, Rancid..etc. 2 Warp tours. I even got caught in a mosh pit. What fun memories
Ingrid Morbid
Girls don't like boys, girls like cats and money
Ness Si
Peter Alexander
Girls don't like boys, girls like girls and kittens.
Joel was my childhood crush. Now I'm crushing all over again haha.
Scott Reynolds
Go figure he marries a girl that like cars and money
Canadiana O
Good Charlotte, Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, are just a few among many bands that I wish I could go back to the 2000s again.
These oldies in the video are already dead, lol.
Emma Blackery sent me here
Hesitant Alien
girls don't like boys girls like memes and social justice
Kirose Lambert-Gorwyn
Girls don't like boys, girls like strong female protagonists and coffee.
CJ Natoli
I'm 46...will never stop loving Good Charlotte
Disco Saturn Loves To Do Subtitled Comedies and Other Things 24/7
I like it how the old people appear in this music video rocking out to the cool pop punk music. I'm still going to be listening to this by the time I'm 64!
Jonathan Gualpa
Hey nice slipknot shirt like if u agree
Kuria K
Smallville (Season 3, Episode 1) anyone??...