Dan Black - Symphonies ft. Kid Cudi

Music video by Dan Black performing Symphonies. (C) 2010 Polydor UK / The Hours USA

Dan Black - Symphonies ft. Kid Cudi Смотреть онлайн
i was heavily depressed and after a failed attempt at suicide i listened to this song tripping on mushrooms and suddenly i realized how beautiful life really is and can be. i was just a teenager then and now as an adult this song still brings tears to my eyes. cudi always talks about wanting to be there for that lonely kid sitting at home full of sadness with his music. you were my friend when i had no one. i will never forget you cudi.
one of the most beautiful and underrated songs of all time
Keenan Shaw
This was my favorite song from NBA 2K11
Gordon Rodriguez
NBA 2K11 Babyyy!!
NBA 2K11 memories.. Will always be the best 2k in my opinion.
Clara Abelha do Letra Garrafal
When I was 11, I used to listen it on the radios but didn't know the name is this song. I searched this for 5 years. I cried so much when finally found :( Still crying btw
This music video is creative af

But look at 1:10 he falls and dies wakes up with his girl and still says "give me more than the life I see" damn thats dark
The drum sound exactly like Rihanna umbrella.
This song reminds me of one of my old friends. We discovered this video during our freshman year of college and we used to joke that I was Cudi and he was Dan. Now we barely even talk. It's crazy how you go from spending almost all of your free time with someone to not really taking to them anymore. This video always brings back memories.
Favorite memory from NBA 2k11
Alison Megan
Wow this song brings back sooo many memories. Haha
Sunny Sidhu
I always wanna cry in start but when when he start with "Gimme Gimme Symphonies" a pain filled but pleasant smile always come to my face. Dont know why
E.J. Reed
how does this video only have 5m views
Tom Brady
This song is great but the music vid is a master piece
LeeStrikerz Gaming
Its already been almost 7 years since 2k11 was released but this still sounds fresh as heck
kid cudi station on pandora has never led me wrong. <3
CloaK Zone
2009 - 2010 were the years of Kid Cudi.
get well soon cudi , loved you since 09'
thanks pandora kid cudi station