Crash Kings - Mountain Man

Music video by Crash Kings performing Mountain Man. (C) 2009 Universal Motown Records

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Vault Dweller
Wtf why haven't I heard this song before!? It's awesome!
Karsten Treu
I respect this so much, because they make legit rock music without a GUITAR.
Vocalist sounds like Jack White of The White Stripes and this song is similar to My Doorbell.
shoutout to survivorman for reminding me this is a thing
man I forgot how clean these vocals are.
Robby Koz
I must have searched for three hours to find this song! Then I did and it was like face palm moment! Crash Kings! Craziest piano playing I've heard in a long time.
Pedro Cruz
Look, it's the winter soldier playing the keyboard
Matthew Pelton
ARTV anyone?
Scott Sheen
very jack white like.... brilliant
John Hobson
I think 150 people missed the like button
this was really hard to find , thank you Les stroud
Wake up you need to make MeMes
Oh my god

sounds like three days grace and cage the elephant. I am so fucking happy I found this band.
nefitiria fett
That blue paint dropping down reminds me of the band fly leaf and their song all around me
Dead Kennedy
Their bassist is killer
Why do I get such a Jack White vibe from this song?? I love it!
What ever happened to these guys? Saw them live 3 or 4 years back and then nothing since. It's too bad because they are awesome.
Dave Tone
Come to mtl!
Kenny B
Taking up the bass and this is a song that helped me decide that and one I'm gonna learn how to play. I love the sound of bass guitar. Deep and soulful.
Ben Austin
One of my favorite songs!
Angela Chavez
Jack white/white stripes vibes, love it.