Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc feat. De La Soul (Live on Letterman)

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Music video by Gorillaz performing Feel Good Inc (Live On Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc feat. De La Soul (Live on Letterman) Смотреть онлайн
I wish I could laugh like that guy
Lizard Corp
Omfg the laugh is so perfect
milo ferreira-hayes
Lots of people say he is saying the lyrics wrong and yes he is because he's been quoted saying he does it because he despises lip syncing so he does it to prove it is him :3
Каратели дотки ( вызов духов)
Gorillaz супер :)
Super Smurf Brother
I love how a few people are criticizing Damon's "live voice" but aren't taking into account the fact that he's constantly moving and dancing.

Same thing with a lot of artists. They aren't just singers. They're performers.
Pedro Salazar
Took me 9 years to find out the name of this song.
Shut up with the fucking holograms already, this is clearly a tribute band hogging the stage while the real Gorillaz have been locked in the green room, happens every concert.
Tommy Ong
I'm sure someone did attempt the 'laugh' and got choked.
Lucas Mariano
for every newbie wondering and complaining... everyone who follows Damon's work ever since from Blur live shows knows he always change the lyrics a bit when he feels like it.. not your average pre-programmed, predictable pop showbiz puppet performer, guys.
Just like Hatsune Miku, I really couldn't care less what is real and what isn't. The music is good, the art is good and I like it. That's all that matters.
Blur, De La Soul, and The Clash is here
David Smerdon
Damn that laugh gives me chills every time.
Am I the only one who likes this live performance?!
Idk if anyone will care, but at 3:07 one of the rappers (sorry not a fan of De La Soul so can't say who) raps 'everybody' and at the same time one of the drummers (ditto) does a fill that matches each syllable and it sounds so cool cheers for reading
im sorry to everyone reading this, but in my opinion de la soule did a better job than him
Liam Arduino
Love the recovery when he missed the lyrics a bit there.
lol the crowd sucked
Collin Johnson
Is it just me or are half of the lyrics wrong?
GORILLAZ > Best group ever !!!