Katy Perry - Firework (Live on Letterman)

"Katy Perry - Firework (Live on Letterman)"

Music video by Katy Perry performing Firework (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.

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Will Tai
Boys be like "boobies" :3
Berra xx
I was thinking, i'm just a little fan from Katy Perry, but i see a lot of people saying that she sing awful, and i get in a ONE FUCKIN' QUESTION, why people like all of them say things like, she is a bad singer and he or she, whatever, don't look at him or herself and see how you sing?? Because if he is singin' in Letterman and other big shows and being a famous singer, for me, it show that she sing's very good. And other thing, in my opinion, i don't think katy perry sing's perfectly, because in concert, you have to look in the pressure and other things like the state of the voice she or he is at the moment, but whatever, say what you guys wanna say, it's just to put you guys to think about it.
Sonny Kang
Give me a thumbs up if you're watching this after watching the Interview xD
#penguin Power
I'm a big fan of Katy perry
Mae Bos
How can someone be so perfect 😍
Anonymous Account
Back when she still can sing her songs...
Jek Tono Porkins
For all of you saying she's not good live...first, who the hell is these days? I've been to a ton of concerts and the only one that sounded close to 100% album quality was Rush during their Moving Pictures Tour in the '80's. Everyone else had something off about them, whether it was the singer's voice, guitar effects, getting lazy on difficult sections, etc.
This is one of the better live performances I've heard from Perry. The problem is that this particular song requires a serious set of pipes. There's no way it's going to be perfect unless her voice is in prime condition AND the setting is in prime condition. My guess is that none of you have any idea how the tiniest thing like the humidity level in the setting can seriously mess with your voice...particularly when it's a song as challenging as this.
The point? Cut her some slack and go rag on some other singer.
Ryan West
Yes. I like this song.  In fact, I love this song.  No---don't interrupt me---I'm not finished: this song is the best pop anthem written in, I'd wager, fifteen years.  Absolutely fucking fantastic song.  (Ok, now I'm finished.)
Show them what you made of MOM! SLAY MAMA!
Paul Dante
Vocally, she is no Barbara Streisand.
One Original Me
This is 2010, she's so much better now
watch superbowl, harpers bazaar, honda acoustic firework, you'll see. she has improved vocally and this perfomance wasn't bad. I think it was good
Henrique Oliveira
Auto tune identified
Lil' Poundcake
Sounds autotuned
0:01 - 0:05 Illuminati MK Ultra Demonic possession. 
03:03 auto tune :/
Vicky Stamova
Love you Katy 😍😍😘😘😘💟❤❤❤💜💟💟💟💝💝💝
Klaus Geltl
💜💜💜I love this little concert, Katy's dress is gorgeous, she simply looks gorgeous, and I love her performance. She has so much power, and nowadays she does 2 hours of this sometimes on consecutive nights, not many have that endurance nowadays. She's really a pop music star who shows how it's done! 🌻🌻🌻
this is under the BEST of letterman. she's got the best TITS on letterman, maybe. but her voice is like a 5th grade talent show.