Jessie J - Enter the Top Fan Contest! (VEVO LIFT)


Jessie J - Enter the Top Fan Contest! (VEVO LIFT) Смотреть онлайн
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alice cornish
This is definitely old! Only young jessie wore that amount of blusher haha <3
Jessica Walton
its obviously old because it says we think its time you met jessie j
taylor nilsu
Jessie is so sweet 💕💕
pu pusacha
love jessie <3 from Thailand
Tijaya Williams
I would Love to do this but I can't because I don't have Facebook and I'm only 11 but Jessie I am still you biggest fan I love you music it's so amazing you got talent And even if I can enter this contest I'm still you biggest fan. Jessie you make me believe I can do anything and I want to be a signer just like you🎤🎤🎶🎶🎵🎵
World's Biggest Heartbeat
is old because she has her old hair ? but if its not i am your biggest fan :D but idk is it new it says it was out october 1st??
saskia plummer
Omg I will I'm Jessie j's biggest fan!
Elspeth McIntyre
Heather Hanseler
i love you your my 3rd pop star . I'm your biggest fan if you want to see me on youtube spell in heather hanseler bye !
tashi yassin
Best act
Best singing
Best voice
i loooooove jessie j
e g
It's old because vevo lift is for new artists that why lorde is all over it atm
Jose Antonio
I love Jessie
Chantal P.
why do I hear Rihanna in this clip?
Reem Gawish
Did her hair grow back to its normal length? Is it a wig?
Lau Costa
what did just happen..
Lorena Rodrigues
Sims3loser, The Awkward Simmer
wahhhh this says it was posted 15 minutes ago but the comments are from 2 years ago
John Melo
Hmmmm... 2 years ago haha
This is approximately 3 years old, her Vevo Channel has footage of the actual NY appearance she's talking about in this clip dated January 2011so its not a new spoof, Alive is out in America in 2014 so maybe She'll do a similar competition for new America Tickets before long, its a great offer but you'd be 3 years late for this one.