G. Love - Fixin' To Die

Music video by G. Love performing Fixin' To Die. (C) 2010 Brushfire Records

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michael dias
ααα  ρε RED FM!!!:P
G Love! Philly...
William Scarbrough
Heard all the other versions, this ones definitely the best!
John Roth
lol trash
Brandon Colebar
i wonder how many of those 785,569 views are all mine.
Marc Pierce
Great Bob Dylan cover
Joseph Koenecke
This song was written by Bukka White about 70 years ago.
manoy ko
Πόσες φορές έχει παίξει στον Red αυτό το κομμάτι?
Thomas Kapicka
what harmonica key you use
Ossian Kent
This is a very interesting version of Bukka White's Fixin' To Die Blues!
christine fragou
that's a really good song!! l love it !!
Patrick Willy
você é linda
Shelly Stacey
Love it!
ismene calra
i love it 
Sounds like country music. P.S. West of Memphis brought me here.
This song rocks!
great song, great cover, Bukka would be proud of you
Jason Davis
Great song, cool video - I'm excited to hear the new record. These anti-VEVO cats crack me up. Somebody complained that since these big companies started posting videos that they can't post THEIR videos anymore without getting them pulled because of copyright violations. News Alert - the recording belongs to the performer and/or record company - NOT YOU. It's not your property to begin with, so don't complain when the owner doesn't allow you to use it as you wish. Welcome to the real world.
Jason Davis
@TheSiggfreed and the quality is the BEST too. That's what I love, it's just as good as watching videos on TV used to be, when they used to show them... and when I used to watch TV.
@Cxeri93 what was he, like holding a gun to your head, or something?