Warpaint - Undertow

Director: Shannyn Sossamon

DP: David Myrick

Producer: Mia Kirby

Editor: Ravi Dhar

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One Tech Genius
Love this song but never let it remind you of your ex... it reminds me of my ex's ex and that's exactly not the point thanks to you ex ex ex
I have only discovered this band this week. I have been missing out on this piece of beauty for five years.
Ty McMurray
I think I was a freshman or sophomore in high school when this song use to come on every morning on VH1 before I got up for school. I was so depressed lol.
polly wants a cracker...
Gio Cali
Why you wanna blame me for your troubles, you better learn your lesson yourself. So relatable man.
Dat bass
Dorshae Middleton
I was a freshman when this video came out and would watch videos in the morning before and this started the whole Indie appreciation.
Joseph Wilkinson
Your brown eyes are my blue skies...and it just gets better after that opening line.
i have no friends:(~_~~_~
Michael O'Connell
Am I the only one who is reminded of Fleetwood Mac by this song???
Bobby West
Theresa Wayman <3 <3 <3
I never understood this video, but it's so beautiful and fits the song perfectly
Oh man, I haven't listened to this song since I was a freshman in high school. Memories.
arif ouranio
this sounds a bit like Polly by Nirvana. nice song!
Memories! This song reminds me of ex girlfriend wen I was 20 years old :( I still love you Laura
Mekashi Uchiha
Nobody in my mind... I feel it in my heart tonight
Eddie Miller
IT Might be weird but also an Expression of musical genius A masterpiece of musical history ,Curt Cobain would have loved this.
NaShaun Mingledolph
The first song I ever heard by them. I've been in musical heaven ever since then. These guys have got me through a lot <3
João Júnior
Brasil!!!! O/
K a t