Wolfmother - Far Away

Music video by Wolfmother performing Far Away. (C) 2009 Modular Recordings

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I seriously don't understand why Wolfmother aren't touring arenas around the world right now, Their music is amazing !
underrated song
Pat Ma
I could pretty much listen to that solo on repeat forever.
Wolfmother- The Bob Ross Years.
Alan Gibson
Does anyone else think that Andrew Stockdale looks like a Hobbit?
Della Welch
This song makes me cry every time I hear it
Jeff Roberts
brilliant. I've only listened to this track about 100 times now. Looking forward to the next 100 times.
_Lord_Helix_ 1025
the guitar solo got me like (~‾▿‾)~
This song is epic!!!
Jantow Sama
Best. Song. Ever. 
I'm loving it !
_Lord_Helix_ 1025
I love these guys & their music rules but the lead singer looks like a hobbit
My 4 month old calms down whenever I play this
Oblivious Ranga
I did not see a single camera in one of those mirrors I am thoroughly impressed
Marco Schädle
This song is absolutely great until 1:56, then its like BAAAANG!! Giving you shivers!
Tincho Araba
Rob Swarbrigg
that beard does not suit andrew stockdale
Logan Tait
I sat down today with my guitar and learned this song. after just discovering it last weekend. its instantly my new favorite song. i can play any part over and over and not get tired of it. it also uses this thing i learned from a George Harrison song that i really like and try to use in songs i make up. not in any way saying he copied anything from Mr. Harrison. but i was blown away with how this man plays and his level of skill. the solo! just incredible !
Ashley May
I love this song c: 
graeme cunnington
own all tracks from the start and love slash collab
George S
Axl Rose meets Adam Levine! :-) Nice song though!