Parachute - Something To Believe In

Music video by Parachute performing Something To Believe In. (C) 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Barbra Breslauer
Parachute opened for Gavin DeGraw in Tallahassee last night and I really thought they put on an excellent show.  I had already heard some of their music and liked it.
Holy crap I'm so late on this song. This is amazing! O.O
John Hoffman
I really wish this song was better know it's too good to have been ignored
Nathan Drake
This song is so under rated
Amanya Rashid
Winning song for gospel competitions in my former high school! Beautiful song
Bri A
Man I love this song and this band is just astounding. I've never heard this kind of sound from a band :)
Trevor Gardemal
280 people need something to believe in
Bri A
Is there any other song that can beat this one? This is my favorite song everrrrr! My top 10 Parachute songs are

1. Something to Believe in
2. Hurricane
3. She is Love
4. Mess I Made
5. Meant to Be
6. Disappear
7. What I know
8. Didn't See It Coming
9. Under Control
10. You and Me
Ahmad Saktia
Long time no hear this song. Something to believe in. 

come take me. :D
Suyash Gabriel
Keep coming back to this. This song is incredible
Brian Keller
ive listened to this a million times......    it has saved me more than once
One of my most favorite songs!
Ed Cannata
Heard this song last night for the first time while out shopping with my wife. What a great song, great arrangement and great harmonies! Can't wait to explore some of their other work!
Andrew Tyler
i have listened to this song daily since it came out
thanks guys
This song saves lives..
Mark 10:18
Yeah ! My kind of song. It's 'up-lifting' and, stirs the soul, makes you live joy ! I believe that when we "believe in something" that we 'can tell' is ..... "right", the rest doesn't matter because, it DOESN'T CHANGE HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES ! Right on. ;-{)
Great song! Love the soulful vibe it has going on. Plus the added saxophone. 1-)
Becca Human
We're playing this song for my show choir and I play keyboard, it's a really fun song and I always want to sing along :)
Natalia Lis
back up vocals killed it
Alvin R.
Just discovered this band two weeks ago doing a cover of "Happy". I've since downloaded two full albums on iTune.
Needless to say....I LOVE THIS BAND!!!!