Jimmy Eat World - ASK:REPLY

Music video by Jimmy Eat World performing ASK:REPLY. (C) 2010 DGC Records

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Waseem Diddy
omg i never knew jim's voice was so low
He looks like Jim Carrey :D
I HAVE A HOT TUB! come play with me at my house! *ahem* I mean, play for me at my house! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE JEW IN 4 DAYS! I'm driving 4 hours for the show!
@shadowlord755 Who were you?
Haven't aged a day... nuff said!
I Love All The Album :D
@DAnnyWarlord I get that part where you are just hating vevo but the part where you're whoring for thumbs like in 80% of any other youtube comments is just unnecessary and retarded
@salaheddineb My Best Theory
Nat L.
Cata Sharpe
You are my favorite band!!!!! can you answer this question? what are the favorite bands of each? do you like "MUSE"?????
Wesley Carter
Favorite band ever....
Joshua Hoe
@woeitsme i guess that depends on how much of this revenue is going back to the artists. Its the recording companies that own the rights to all the songs....
@joshhoe the artist get hardly any of the money. the music industry is so flawed its not fuuny. you try to find this interview i read by KORN (dont know what it was called, and it was actually in an old music mag my sister had) where they basically talk about how little of the money you pay for tickets and albums actually goes to the artists.
The add loads fine, but video stalls automatically..... ಠ_ಠ
Sundee Linstead
these men kept me alive wit song the middle, i am 47 never been to a concert ever got to see them in missioula. the music i have all ways been alone and never new it ......capped my divorce.  i returned to my first husband that bought me the first album in arizona. I just got back with him he stole me back.  hope these men found  their love and start writing like the did on first album.   when are they ever in arizona again?
Salahéddine Benbouazza
What's the name of the song ?
@IAmberYatesI The big problem with vevo is that you can't listen to music, if you are out of north america, because vevo is waving their dick over all the video's with music in it, because they have a near monopoly over the music industry. I can't listen to music added after 2009, because fucking vevo says LOLNO.
christ almighty what the fuck happened to the world!? y the flying fuck does it seem like everyone now supports the fucking consumer culture that millions of artist and musicians have been trying to fight against for years!? its like theres no fucking controversy anymore everyone just bends over and lets the rich fuck them in the ass. and to talk about hypocracy. its not ok for us to use bands we like in our vids cuz its not our own but if you have money u can call anything your own? WTF!?