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New Politics answer your questions from Facebook and Twitter on this edition of VEVO's ASK:REPLY. (C) 2010 J Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

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Matthew Chaney
Seen them in Atl With Fall Out Boy.<3
hate cms
I'm gonna see them on July 11 I'm so excited
Kevin Bean
No it's not...
new politics reminds me of 3oh3...
soren was cuter in the "diginity" video. ): they're still all cute!
@thisisme0708 The singer?
Bridget Gonyeau
It's weird how none of them really have accents. The blonde does a bit but the other two sound American (or at least how people sound in Michigan).
Dina Stein
@whoaGREENE Yes sir.
Dina Stein
So...someone totally looks like James Franco.
I feel so bad because when I first saw you guys you were opening First Avenue in Minneapolis MN, and I'd never heard of you, and I was grooving along, but our crowd was horrible, nobody was cheering or anything, but in my opinion, you guys had a better stage presence than 30 Seconds to Mars did. I hope you guys really blow up, best of luck!
Aleph Null
they should put up as dlc some of their songs on the Rocksmith game
Soren: sexiest accent ever? <3 And I still think I want you to teach me ;)
So posting blatantly incorrect statements = opinion? Many people would call that trolling. You should have typed the second part of the second sentence the first time. You would not have been flamed. If you are going to bunch up every time someone calls you out on something, youtube may not be your cup of tea.
If they're from Denmark why do they have American accents?
Jess !
I love them so much! can't wait to see them in 93.3 Not so silent night!!!:D
u dont play guitar with ur heart dum ass
ana bolanos
omg im one of the first o see this.
The drummer is from New York....
ian jennings
these are the only politics i like!!!