VEVO - VEVO News: Jessie J LIFT Showcase ft. Jessie J

VEVO News reports from Don Hill's in NYC for the exclusive LIFT artist showcase of Jessie J! © 2011 VEVO

VEVO - VEVO News: Jessie J LIFT Showcase ft. Jessie J Смотреть онлайн
Holly Collett
she's amazing i love her
Bailey Taylor
jessie j i love u ur amazing a wanna meat u
Moe Sephus
Fkn(Pardon my french)But u cant beat this...Like evaaar!Strong in her lyrics...I wanna see her here in Oregon!
Taevon Johnson
i really love her vocal....
Shaggad M
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Nicole Hasson
jessie j pleasss come to preform in Israel !! [: love you so so so much ! 3>
every guy i saw in this video was like "HI JESSIE J I AM A HUGE FAN OF YOU AND I AM LIKE TOTALLY GAY" so this kinda means that something is wrong with her music..
Cody N. Carter
we love JESSIE J.
peter brazil
i hope she becomes huge.
I wish I could see her live :)
Como pueden subir semejante PELOTUDEZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!
justin is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gay
Pure TV
why the playback??
Massimiliano Gori
@SnoopRoyale98 unfortunately it's true...but it's incredible considering the success she'having in USA!!!
Massimiliano Gori
i really can't understand why she is having so much Italy we don't even know who she is!!!