Sara Bareilles - F*ck You/Gonna Get Over You (VEVO Presents)

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Should be sayin' that to you by now, shouldn't I?

Layin' down the law that I live by,

Though maybe next time

I've got a thick tongue,

Brimming with the words that go unsung

Simmer then the burn for a someone,

A wrong one

And I tell myself to let the story end,

My heart will rest in someone else's hand

My 'why not me?' philosophy began,

And I say

Ooh, how'm I gonna get over you?

I'll be alright, just not tonight

Someday, oh I wish you'd want me to stay

I'll be alright, just not tonight,


Maybe is a vicious little word that can slay me

Keep me when I'm hurting and make me,

Hang from your hands

Well, no more,

I won't beg to buy a shot at your back door

If I make it at the thought of you, whatfor?

It's not me anymore

Sara Bareilles - F*ck You/Gonna Get Over You (VEVO Presents) Смотреть онлайн
kep van der moosh
love her for not censoring
Sammie Wood
idk why this is like hearing a teacher curse or something. i like it though. i was like oooo girl
I don't know why, but Sara Bareilles' potty mouth is so hot.
love her for not changing the pronouns
She's grown. She swears. Woah big deal. Amazing artist.
Beth Grace
Erika Jean
What I love the most about this is the lack of cell phones in the audience!! THAT is how amazing music like Sara bareilles music should be enjoyed. No distractions just being totally in it!
Elizabeth Anneღ
her voice is one of the sassiest things i've ever heard. i love her.
I love that she didn't change the pronouns ❤️❤️❤️
Islander Catcat Rea
That moment when her voice gets kinda husky when she cusses.
Carolyn Horton
Sara is SEXY.  But her musical ability is SUPERB
Tony Genco
I have been told that I am too old to listen to her music. WHAT!? She is fantastic. Moving to New York was great for her. She is now writing the score for a Broadway musical. She will be around when others have burned out. Love that voice......
Eve Fan
Make her an international treasure already.
Shes so cute!
Jon Pessin
See, this is how you really do sexy in music.  Brains, talent, and beauty in equal measure, balanced with humor.  Would-be performers, take note! 
Michael Cardoso
this is probably the best thing you can listen to after a break-up
Novelet Mckenzie
"Guys, this is serious"...EPIC moment...I would like to thank the AMAs for introducing Sarah Bareilles to me, shes an inspiration.  I started speaking out when I heard Brave and got top marks for a speech I did, quoting a line from Brave.  "be brave and let the words fall out"
Love when good looking chicks curse
Buenvenida André
You rarely find an artist who sings for passion not for money. This kind of song is way better than party/hard beats songs
Rockerman pre
Sara your version of this cover rocks.