Beth Ditto - I Wrote the Book

Music video by Beth Ditto performing I Wrote The Book. (c) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

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This song should be lip synched on Rupaul's drag race
Café com Rafa
tell me where is a friend when you need one?
Beth is a big Madonna fan ......Beth is cool In my book....and hot
this woman has liberated herself completely... she has sent her Fears in another galaxy :D
Jalen Parks
she exudes confidence, and it's so alluring
Wynner Laris
Adele vs Gaga is Beth Ditto.
ali blue
I love her... powerful women....You are one.
i keep understanding " i know every chick in the hood"
Bruno Torrezan
Justify My Love 2.0. I love this video!! 
I would love to have Beth for a night
ClockWork Orange
Better than Gaga!!!
Keith Oconnor
If I were a lesbian, she'd totally be my type.
Ricardo Corrales
I remember first listening to this song when I was like 12 I thought she was singing "I know every bitch in the book" so I assumed she was talking about the Burn Book from Mean Girls and the rest of the lyrics helped to support my theory lol.
"We pretend it's all okay"
"Revenge, regret"
"We break it off, I break you down"
"Tell me where is a friend when you need one?"
Only to discover I was wrong and I still think about it 5 years later each time I hear this song.
Louise Dean
Perfect pop disco.
Andreas Kitsikides
this song is perfection!
and Beth really rocks.
Ace of Base meets La Bouche.
Sabin Bik
If all of her songs would sound like this song!!!! I would be her biggest fan!!!
Mathias Hernan
Madonna - Justify My Love, you're welcome.
Coisas De Roqueiro
portugueses ou brasileiros aqui?
Tuğrul Şahin
The male dancer that so many in the comments have the hots for is called Gary Lee Netley. You're welcome.