White Lies - Strangers

Music video by White Lies performing Strangers. (C) 2011 Polydor Ltd. (UK).

International fans: www.iTunes.com/whitelies

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David Seow
I forgot how fucked up this video is...
A masterpiece of a song
beautiful song and the video is really great & honest
Arsenius Vulpes
best video clip ive ever seen
Ivan Malek
You never know what kind of degenerate fetish each person has
Lady The Price Of Love
Poor Sweet Jack that face :D 
Eleno Verduzco de Natividad
Rafael Rodrigues
Lizz para de escuta sas porra via escuta K-pop mulher <3 --'
Brian Fisher Dickens
"No stone unturned."
(Because...this is bigger than us.)
Salvador Militello
People wondering whether they are on that weird part of YouTube again. Lol
Alex U Rock ImI
soy fanatico de white lies q tal bandasa , i love White lies is a fantastic band 
Ashley Vale
lol same here. I love the song but can't unsee the video X(
they are like all the best bits of the 80's put together NOW, and it really works..
People seem to miss point of this whole video. It is to show us things that seem very much weird and strange to us. But things that actually exist and how normal / strange is really only persons own perspective to all things around him/her. There is no defining what is actually normal. Then song goes stating the mysterious and strange thing we call "Love". It is strange to be with one person our entire lives. It is a strange to have so strong connection and feeling of "belonging" to somebody's arms. Strangers don't hide = We can be ourself if we love ourself and accept who we are. And with "strangers" (people we love) we can be who we are without being "weird". We can trust that love is powerful force that accepts the thing we find "not normal". It is strange to love someone and thus see whole different picture of the person you are in love with. There isn't nothing stranger than to love someone. I think that this song explains itself.
Those people, to each their own.
thats was soo fucked up im wont be buying there album now!
Brilliant song, a WTF moment with the video.
no doubt this video is awkward, but somehow sexy as well
Guy from Newcastle
holy holy 1:16 ! What the hell? haha
Guy from Newcastle
Lady Gaga 1:54