Redlight King - Old Man

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My old man is 79 years old. I'm a few weeks away from 57. When I was 17, I hated that he'd come home from work and fall asleep reading the local paper. Now, I wish I could do the same. What goes around comes around. He was certainly a hard working man. And me and my brother deserved what we got from him. We never lost a red light race. None of us. Dad's garage was filled with trophies we never spoke about. Bragging was for pussies. I love you pops. I wish I could be just like you.
Best day of my life was when my son sent this song to me....    love you son!
Justifyed Mattitude
This was one of my dad's favorite songs, the original version of course. I first heard this version in jail only minutes after hearing my father died, and I wasn't allowed to attend the funeral. Because my father was apparently a bad influence on me. Fucking irony.
Gordon Music
rip ole man,hope I'm like you
Jack Long
Boy Redlight King knocked it outta the park with this one.. Fun Fact: Neil Young never gave his permission for any songs to be redone until be heard this version an personally gave his blessing
Wish my old man was still here 😐😓
Alex Delashmit
This song makes me think of how awesome my dad is.
Khalil Mckechnie
such a good song
Ed A.
I've accepted that everyone and everything I know will eventually come to an end but the day I lose my father I may not be able to live with it.
Peter Woods
Most remakes are pretty lame, but this one is cool. Well done! Never heard of him, but well done none the less.
Gaby Ionita
The Expendables 3 <3
SS Wild Child
I was real skeptical at first when my friend told me about the "new' version of "Old Man" be honest, I'm not into "new" music because alot of it is garbage, (no offense intended)...but I like the song. It may be quite different from the original, but I think it carries the same message...I like it.
Jessica Matson
Old man take a look at my life, cause I'm a lot like you!!
Galko sem jaz
This dude looks like Tom Cruise if you look closely
wow took a great song and made it even better . like people we need to grow welcome new styles of music keeping all the originals still alive .
old man look at my life...twenty four and there's so much more!
McGregor Man
Tatted Buddy Holly?
Donovan Douglas
not gonna lie I thought it was "oh man" not old man XDDD
Redlight King - Old Man
Brian Custer
This is a cover, right?