Jessie J - VEVO Stylized


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Emma Smith
If she had a clothing line... I would buy everything from it.
Lenca love jessie
i love you soooooooooo much Jessie. My dream is meet to you 😢
Selin Sagiroglu
I Iove you so much and your style is perfect❤💜👌
Guilherme Aires
miss that hair style...
Yılmaz Cite
363 dislike stupid girls.
Kimberly Torres
That was... WOW-MAZING! <3 ILOVEYOU JESSIEEEE Forevvvvss..
Jaëva Hoepel
Well... she's my hero!!
Lucía Molina
I love her style <3
Lucía Molina
I love her style <3
Like the song 🎵🎵🎵🎧🎵
luv her accent!
Who else has done this Vevo Stylized thing?
Christine Lilly
I love how true Jessie J is to herself. It makes her so admirable <3 :]
what a woman
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Megumi Hayashida
No offense to J.J but she looks like a fucking m∆rketing product... Although she got her own style and strong vocal abilities, idk but I feel like she's a kind of... recycling...xD Look, It seems like the idea was to create a mix between Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Stefani Germanotta with an accent that everyone would be addicted to. Lol Seriously,without this haircut she could make a difference 4sure. So i just hope she'll keep it real as long as possible and won't turn into a bitch or smth :)
Shred Bundy
she's FUCKING butterrzzz.
@ElectrifyerzOfficial sameeeee
Raziel 01
you have more clothes then me.What's about that song with price tag?
jessie is so different, is very humble!