Music video by AWOLNATION performing Sail. (C) 2011 Red Bull Records, Inc.

AWOLNATION - Sail Смотреть онлайн
Kim Ce
It's funny how so many people are confused about the video. I just put it to get my 3 year old cousin into good music, yup. That and I am also somewhat confused of the music video
Clayton Rudiger
Funny how the fan-made video has more than quadruple the amount of views. xD
Love this song
Dom Johnson
Wow, people are just now finding and listening to this song...well good for them.
Trying to figure out the illuminati, gets caught & killed. Soooo many ways we could argue about this, people.
woah hey the video is unlisted now haha lol i have this in my playlist so is anyone still here
Michael Johnson
When I first heard the song, I thought it said "Say It" not "Sail". So, for weeks, I looked up "Say It" and "Duh duh Say It" and until now when I heard my friends say "I like that song Sail", so I looked it up...

I then said...

Ashley Anele
i love this song so mcuh i think its the beat that makes it so great i can't help it the beat is so cool
K Smuthi
What is the story behind this song?
Julien Pitre
1. Open the front door of you house and put a bright light in front of it.
2. Get a piano on wheels, Make sure your floor is leaning to your front door.
3. Play piano and scream SAIL!
4. Lye down on the grass and you'll get abducted.

There you go!
Aleksandr Onufrak
Being chased by aliens takes time to play piano
I love this song.  I love the video.  However, this guy acts more like he's been up on meth for a few days rather than A.D.D. 
this guy is obsessed with good sales....
Nick Bastanfar
I have A.D.D. and so when I act crazy I sing BLAME IT ON MY A.D.D. I did that once or twice at least
Hacker Teacher
Who's still watching even though it's unlisted?
Franklin Bern
this song is to praise The Great Gaben and all the sales he provides to us. PRAISE GABEN!
it looks like hes being haunted by demons rather than having add.....
I think the video is about him not getting enough attention so he went to space (space suit in his closet) and took pictures of the aliens (wierd pictures of things on the wall) to show people and the aliens want to get him and they take him(when he's flying up to the light(space ship)
John Monahan
Song is very cool but I totally never expected the singer to look like a yuppie. Just reminds me not to assume shit. This band really rocks, though. The Back from Earth ep is on my daily playlist now.
Menma Aidou