The Airborne Toxic Event - Numb

Music video by The Airborne Toxic Event performing Numb. (C) 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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cornel maris
I am  50 year old depressed overweight man, and when ever I listen to Airborne Toxic event, it makes me feel young, happy and alive again. Because of their sound I am getting my grove back and losing weight and enjoying life again  THANK YOU  Love you guys
Chris Mulligan
These guys dont get enough credit. Amazing band and great songs. Hard to find these days. Everyone knows who Selena Gomez is dating but an awesome band like this doesnt get recognized??
Drew Moore
Why is this band not more famous?
diana rodriguez
I've been following this band since 2010 and it's so crazy to see how the meaning of songs change as we grow. This song back when it came out was just another awesome song and now it means so much more. It's cool how music seems to grow and change with the way we do
Frank O
Such an underrated band. Great song.
Rick Pop
Now this a band, full of true musicians.
Amirah Russo
This is my favorite rock band! This is one of my favorite songs they made!!!
wibez fernandez
These guys don't get enough credit, because most of the person in the world have a bad taste in music. Amazing song as all the other song.
What a great song and band! It's a shame I'm just finding out about them now. Oh and the chick, Anna. :D
Olivia Colomar
Been a fan for 7 years, never, ever disappoint. This song is everything.
Gaurav Nandi
*cries for unknown reason
Genevieve Mar
142 people are already numb
he looks like young ben stiller
Thomas Aten
i love this band i have every one of there cds and have see them live incredible band
Jonny Bravo
I want to punch that chick in the face though
Space Boi
does it matter how famous you are if you have a small dedicated fan base
T Rains
I'm just now finding out about this band! whyyyyy!?!?!? They are so great!
I have all of TATE's music. I drive all day for my job and have their music on my mp3 player. Whenever any of their songs comes on randomly, I turn the shuffle off and listen to all their songs. Can't help it. This band is amazing.
Joe O'Malley
Love this song. The Airborne Toxic Event is truly underrated.
I've been in a daze
It seems like days that I've been waiting
For this dream to pass
It goes so fast
It seems nothing lasts
I think I've lost something

Stuck here with these people
While you wake I crush our bodies in one space
I feel your heart blood from my tongue
I wonder where you've gone

And the ever turning, spinning wheel of people, places lies I feel
The restless beat of the sleepless night to come
I just want to be numb
Just want to be numb

Hopeless these three years like smoking years
I go from place to place
Just endlessly and half asleep
Like I'm falling alone at some endless breach

I don't know where I am
I don't know what I've done
I just go over it again and again and again
I can't sleep at night
I cant breathe
But If I drink tonight I'll get you off my mind

And the ever present pit I feel
I'm turning on some spinning wheel
Of faces and the scenes I see
And none of it seems real to me
Just the bleary haze of the morning still to come

I just want to be numb
Just want to be numb
I just want to be numb
I just want to be numb
I just want to be numb