Neon Trees - What Are Neon Trees

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Music video by Neon Trees performing What Are Neon Trees. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Paige Dayley
Lol, what's in Utah? xD
Manuel Arceo
Caroline Guerra
Neon trees I saw you yesterday at sprint center
Caroline Guerra
We love you
I read that too but guess what that just proves that they can get their inspiration from anywhere.
Beth Ann Quinn
I really learned a lot of things about N.T
....medifore? metaphor*....simple google search reveals: "The band's name originates from the lighted trees on the In-N-Out Burger signs, which inspired Tyler Glenn." - wikipedia
Omg love them soo soo much total tree hugger!
So what the fuck is a neon tree? Like neon like ne on the periodic table or KneE (ne) or neck? You can't spell neck without ne?!?! And trees? Is that a medifore for toots rebound elenor example? Or just trees?
He. Is. Fabulous. And I want him. xD
Dat Boi
A tree....that is neon....
But what IS a neon tree?
bella (none)
cuz the world doesn't know what good music is anymore!
Claire Campbell
I think I'm going lesbian for Elaine...
Sandra Giglio
I am so obsessed with this band! Can't get enough and can't wait to see them a 2nd time at the Hard Rock in Boston!!!!!
yup yup nothin' sexier than a woman who can play the drums like no-ones business :D all of you are extremely talented n keep it up!
Maybe you're jealous? :P
Kim G
Neon Trees is so unique in their music and they are a bunch of people who are so fun and normal it's hard to imagine they are rockstars(: 3
Alfredo Monaldi
I want a boyfriend like Tyler.