Neon Trees - What Are Neon Trees

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Music video by Neon Trees performing What Are Neon Trees. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Neon Trees - What Are Neon Trees Смотреть онлайн
Paige Dayley
Lol, what's in Utah? xD
Jake Gehrig
oh my god tyler sounds stoned as fuck.
Elaine is stunningly beautiful!
Charly Jordan
I live in Utah, and i lived in Provo for a while, lol wow
@crystalbubblegum oh god, I don't know if I should be excited by that analogy or cringe in fear. lol Just what everyone needs: Neon Trees + ecstasy. XD
But what IS a neon tree?
Devon Wash
I'm so happy they found each other. and for the record they are semi famous people. they do have a record deal. it's just a matter of getting people to know them outside the internet but people do know them!
Carmen Morales
haha the whole idea of the other guitarist dating the cute drummer is kinda like Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World
Crave Rider
them and 30 secconds to mars is a good combo
@helopie Why, what's wrong with Paramore. That they got popular because their music rocks.
i bet chris banged her really hard
He. Is. Fabulous. And I want him. xD
@tylerkundler aerosmith ring any bells?
Drake Thorn
@DiabeticMafia hellz 2 th yea
1. put your hand on ur chest 2. say the person dat u love 4 times 3. put ur finger on ur nose 4. say their name 4 times 5. put this on 4 songs and tommrow they will say i love kiss on da cheek or ask u out
Bryan Chapman
This band really deserves the fame. It's great to see a band with so much talent and energy
Nathan Furtado
i still remember the older line up. i have a video from tour of one of their songs.
Please don't talk: Tyler, Elaine, Chris, Branden; INSIST the idiots who think they are helping you don't EVER make another vid with you idiots SPEAKING! Just sing & play, for christ's sake don't try to reveal yourselves to us, because you are the kind of losers, without incredible luck, would be homeless and asking us for coins. So shut the fuck up and try make another hit to follow "animal!"
@littlean24 yeah you are :]