Natalia Kills - Wonderland

Music video by Natalia Kills performing Wonderland. (C) 2011 Interscope Records

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I feel like I'm hearing The Veronicas, Paramore and Rihanna's Disturbia mixed together while the video looks like Gaga's Paparazzi music video 0_o
Rodrigo Fernety
my childhood
anyone else here cause nightcore?
Liz Bradford
They didn't censor the heart but they censored the pill cupcakes? Okay.
Simu Shahin
I actually like her music, it's a shame she destroyed her own reputation :(
idkpaulson - marie
Whenever I listen to this song, it always make me remember OUAT :)
Can we all please just stop bitching and arguing in the comments section and just enjoy the music?
Renner E.
this is art not illuminati  ! ;)
anita da fish
Song: I don't believe in fairy tales...
Me: Fair enough.
Song: I don't believe in fairy tales...
Me: Got it! Moving on..
Song: I don't believe in fairy tales...
Me: T-T
Song: But I believe in you and me
Me: Awww..!
Song: Take me to wonderland!
Me: But you just said-
Song: Take me to, Take me to, Take me to wonderland...
Me: That you don't beli-
Song: Take me to, Take me to, Take me to wonderland...
Me: Believe in fairy tales.
Song: Take me to, Take me to, Take me to wonderland...
Me: O-O
Milan Perišić
Actually, Natalia has brought a breath of fresh air into pop with her dark themes. Been with her since she made first appearance and will stay with her as long as she makes better music than 98% of pop industry, which she does. Goodbye, haters.
I came bc of nightcore... yeah why is this so slow
Good Vibes
Perfect song for the show Once Upon A Time
Pretty dark, she's like a female Mad Hatter...
Jade Marrs
I'm going to pretend I never saw that!!!(find a happy place,find a happy place, I'm SCARED for ..... LIFE !!!!!!!!!(find a happy place!!!!!)!!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!
Harmish Muszid
it's a kind of funny thing actually. The video sees the totalitarian environment where men keeping women preoccupied with cupcakes, fairytale (rabbit mask could allude to Alice In Wonderland) and consumerism (Feasting) and when one woman stands up to express her dislike she get executed, by men.
Adele Andrews
Wonderland is a concept created by Lewis Carroll and as someone who respects intellectual property laws I find this disgusting.
Alexa XOX
almost every day I listen to this song and I can not free myself from it that's addictive. <3 <3 <3
Lip A
She's actually talented. Kind of reminds me of Azealia Banks. Wasted talent, sad.
Rodrigo Toso
RIP this girl's career
I felt like I was watching wannabe Lady Gaga