Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is War

Music video by 30 Seconds To Mars performing "This Is War".

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But why are they shooting at them? :|
Howler 115
sword art online abridged?
Edith Noah
2018 BRASIL 🇧🇷💗
Migel the sloth
This is the most accurate portrayal of Battlefield 4's release week I have ever seen.
Michael Mello
SAO abridged people
Sword Art Online Abridged
Night Has Fallen
Dude I can't believe that's the Joker...
Im Always Up
I really wonder how high was the producer
Michał Sulima
War never changes...
plataonwar lal
кто от радио тапок?)
Heey GabFreitas
listen in 2017 ♡♡
King Clown
Кто пришёл сюда, после кавера на эту песню от RADIO TAPOK?)
Rad Studios
3:06 watch the slow-mo scene in .25 speed. Their guns are ejecting entire bullets idk how they missed this. Pretty sure that is not how guns work.
When you get mods on War Thunder.
i 新
3:08 The moment when you realize your brother installed a mod.
Blacktooth 305
Sword art online abridged brought me here
Soff Dark
It would have been nice if that force also ripped the weapons from their hands
John Doe
I don't remember seeing any tanks and aircraft being catapulted at us like that. As if things couldn't get worse for them, their Humvee damn near turned into Optimus Prime.
do you think they noticed that there song is used in sao abriged
I'm going to ignore the fact that there are tanks flying around in this, WHY DA FAQ ARE YOU SHOOTING ARMORED VEHICLES WITH SMALL ARMS FIRE!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!