The Rolling Stones - Following The River

Music video by The Rolling Stones performing Following The River. (C) 2010 Promotone B.V. under exclusive licence to Universal International Music B.V.

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I wish the Stones would make more fun live shows and play this song and other lesser known songs. Fuck the casual fans who only heard the ''hits''. This band has no balls at all. It's not intersting to see them play ''Paint It Black'' anymore, especially when they have played those songs much better in the past.
Nolan Pierce
This is one of those songs that I have to play again ,and again!
On a serious note,this is a song that takes more than one take...Gotta repeat!
Mike Hand
The Rolling Stones - Following The River
A very beautiful song and the lyric's deep .
Maxime Guillaume
Mick's voice is a little too "fancy" on this track ; i'd have preferred to hear him singing with his 1971' voice too ...
François Gaspard
Some exile on main street outtake ... Amazing piano by Nicky hopkins. Mick vocal is from 2000 or this kind of year, would be better to record with his 1971 voice
M McGlinchey
The Rolling Stones are the best band of all time.
konstantinos Matsoukis
And imagine this was left out of the list back in '71...
Unforgettable emotions.
Glenn Wheatcroft
sabiniano maia
A wonderfull music for a bigger band from the principal front man of world: MICK JAGGER
Martin Rambo
Mozart...couple of hundred years and still going strong...maybe the stones will get that accolade too....whats your contribution to musical history....?
Rock Clássico
Very Good! This is beautiful music
pup lover
Hey, Scorsese, you forgot to use this one! Gorgeous, painful, so Stones. How could they keep this from us for 40 years?

Btw, anyone know who the backround girls are?
dearag peadar
Why do the people must die? We never had another Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix and one day we wont have another Rolling Stones... God, I was raise with them.... I cant imagine a life without them... Thanks for giving us this material. I am a little nostalgic now.
Malte Laurids Brigge
what is it exactly about Mick's vocals on most post 90s songs that is just... off somehow. this is a perfect example. it just sounds a little thin and high but more so too well enunciated by someone doing a vocal excercise or something. not down and dirty enough like on the deluxe sticky fingers alt versions that are fantastic, eg
Aljaz Jelen
@superking445 Funny thing is... that i listen to all the artists you've written (just not Lady Gaga or Hannah Montana :P) and i kinda love them all (and their music ofc)... but i'm still in "Rock Forever" mood :)
eduardo antonio
Sin duda la mejor banda que ha existido The Rolling Stones