Kanye West - Only One ft. Paul McCartney

"Tell Nori about me." makes me emotional.
I remember being obsessed with this song when it first came out 🤗🤗
Not Carlie
I've never been much of a Kanye fan, and I've certainly had issues with him as a person, but this song always makes me cry because I can only imagine him and his beautiful daughter without his own mother in the picture to call a grandma, but he is able to keep her memory alive through this song and to "Tell Noree about me"........
Brage Nikolai
they shot this on a iphone wtf
Nicole K
When North is older she'll be able to look back at this video and that's just so special.
Abigail Weller
When he says "and you're still my chosen one" I start crying. Makes me think about all of the mistakes I've made in your life and how my parents still love me and believe in me.
he singing a lullaby to north from the perspective of his dead mother.... and im crying
Ryan Lovett
top 5 best artists of all time
Aleris Vlogs y videos
"Only One"
(feat. Paul McCartney)

As I lay me down to sleep
I hear her speak to me
Hello 'Mari, how ya doin'?
I think the storm ran out of rain, the clouds are movin'
I know you're happy, cause I can see it
So tell the voice inside ya' head to believe it
I talked to God about you, he said he sent you an angel
And look at all that he gave you
You asked for one and you got two
You know I never left you
Cause every road that leads to heaven's right aside you
So I can say

Hello my only one
Just like the morning sun
You keep on rising till the sky knows your name
Hello my only one
Remember who you are
No you're not perfect but you're not your mistakes

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Oh the good outweighs the bad even on your worst day
Remember how I'd say, hey, hey, one day
You'll be the man you always knew you could be
And if you knew how proud I was
You'd never shed a tear, have a fear
No you wouldn't do that
And though I didn't pick the day to turn the page
I know it's not the end every time I see her face
And I hear you say

Hello my only one
Remember who you are
You got the world cause you got the love in your hands
And you're still my chosen one
So can you understand
One day you'll understand

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Tell Nori about me, tell Nori
I just want you to do me a favor

Tell Nori about me, tell Nori about me
Tell Nori about me, tell Nori about me
Tell Nori about me, tell Nori about me
Tell Nori about me, tell Nori about me
Tell Nori about me...

Your welcome ;)
Emma Rodarte
he hasnt been the same since his mom passed
ash prod.
Tug Speedman Kanye is the only artist to completely revolutionize their work with every album they put out.

Now tell me, why would you dislike kanye? In 2002, Kanye was in a near-death car accident. He was planned to record his debut single but couldn't due to his jaw being wired shut. Instead, kanye made a whole new song Called 'Through the Wire' where he rapped with his jaw shut and it went platinum. Amazing track, check it out.
In 2003, He Was Evicted from his apartment building while attempting to produce for jay-z. Not to mention his best friend backstabbed him and left kanyes side for a record deal and almost took all his beats with it.

9 months before kanye dropped his debut album, 'The College Dropout', A random internet nerd leaked the ENTIRE album. Kanye was fed up and recreated every single song on the album except for 'Jesus Walks', One of his most religious pieces.
The album still went platinum and got kanye his big break.

In 2005, Kanye Dropped Late registration, A beautiful album with amazing orchestral elements and some of kanye west work, Including the hit Gold digger. He made a song on the album Entitled 'Hey Mama', A song dedicated to his amazing mother.

Not a year later kanyes mother had an unexpected death and it destroyed kanye, his 2007 performance at the VMA's reflecting such when he cried on stage performing Hey Mama.

He also dropped Graduation that year, one of his best albums that redifined hip-hop as it is. Platinum as well.

808 and Heartbreak, a synth based 808 filled lovey dovey album that talked about serious controversial issues with his ex Amber rose.

My beautiful dark twisted fanstasy, a insanely good album that was some of kanyes best work, a full 10/10 and fan favorite.

Yeezus, A Industrial Experimental album that had incredible replay value and well.. Lets just say it was different.

The Life of Pablo, Kanyes latest work, was a soul influenced album that was AMAZING and is incredibly underrated.

Kanye is crazy, but name a genius that wasnt. GOAT. Also married a pornstar
If you hate Kanye I truly recommend you study what happened to his mom. To die to plastic surgery to fit into an industry that he entered. To die of a what should have been a simple procedure. Which is why the man is obsessed with the concept of beauty. Why he goes on a rant that nearly ends him every year on the anniversary of her death.
Areeb Hassan
Who's here on G.O.O.D Friday waiting for kanye to drop some more 🔥
Jose Gomez
Fuck who keeps cutting onions !?!?
Baron Thundercunt
Do you people realise that he's crying, singing about his mother during the out of synch part. Its supposed to show the emotion of the song and it fucking works on me. You can literally hear his breath jumping, I hate hearing or seeing other people cry especially when there is an emotional song and reason behind it. That was a genius touch for this video. Kanye knows what he wants you to feel and if you don't feel it and you don't like it then leave it for us.
This is the Kanye they don't want you to see.
Gameboss NKB
this song feels too damn short.
my favorite kanye song
Estrella Tenorio
Everyone keeps posting "get well soon ye" He doesn't need to get well! He's just fine. Main stream media is making people think there's something wrong with him. He's not mental! He's trying to tell us the truth.
Mahalia Jackson
we played this at my aunts funeral