Down To The Sea (Live From The Artists Den)

Robert Plant and the Band of Joy – featuring Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin – perform “Down To The Sea” for their Artists Den concert in Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium.

The series spotlights a cutting-edge contemporary musician performing at an intimate, invitation-only concert, and includes artist interviews and insights about the unconventional venues chosen. “Live from the Artists Den” is produced by Artists Den Entertainment.

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Kevin S.
she gets her turn to shine:)
Kitty Purrs
caravan of ships sailing across the desert sands near to wadi draa where the fragrance of roses reach.
Bill Hicks
i wonder how accomplished it must feel to be the jingle beller
Douglas Alan
Fantastic rendition. Nashville royalty with English rock royalty. Complete reinvention of a great song.
Does he do anything else from this album? If I Were A Carpenter, 29 Palms, or Calling To You?
@GoghsMissingEar She got a Grammy this year, did you?
He really needs Jimmy Page!!!
Vevo u need to make ur aaliyah videos in better quality becuz I think u guys are disrepectin aaliyah becuz all the other artists on vevo get higher quality videos and aaliyah doesn't ='/ u guys need to show aaliyah a little bit more respect and I won't stop until she gets the respect she deserves rip aaliyah ily so much AALIYAH FOREVER
Love Classics
She is very talented
Linda ben
Linda ben
STILL got IT go'n ON & ON! <3 THIS!
Michelle Beck
Thats his wife now!
I just stumbled upon this. I am glad that I did.
Thomas B
@ti5021 same!! this was so badass, great tune, awsome musicans!
lmao robert plant.. when i get older
Stuart Price
The best 5:04 of my life........
Stuart Price
@sugahface chains.
Stuart Price
@GoghsMissingEar You should.....
Great road song. You can cruise on this.
I bet that chick up there made more money for this show than you make in a year dip shit.