Papa Roach - No Matter What

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I need you right here, by my side

You're everything I'm not in my life.

We're indestructible, we are untouchable

Nothingcan take us down tonight

You are so beautiful, it should be criminal

That you could be mine.

And we will make it out alive

I'll promise you this love will never die!

No matter what, I got your back

I'll take a bullet for you if it comes to that

I swearto God that in the bitter end

We're gonna be the last ones standing

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Jay Lane
anyone listening to this in 2016?
Karissa Crofts
I recently lost my husband, and no matter what had happened, this is exactly the words I have for him.  RIP Karl, I love you.
Emmett Shelton Doesn't Know
This is the last thing my best friend sent to me before she killed herself so this will always have a special place in my heart
Kimberly Springman
one of my favorite songs I've listened to papa roach since I was a teenager and am 32 now lol
Matthew Woodrow
I always told my wife I would take a bullet if I had too. This song hits home for me. If she were still here, and not in heaven. R.I.P my sweet Melissa. M.A.R.W. 143
broccolisaurus Why do I have to add a last name?
This is probably my favorite Papa Roach song
david chance
this song needs more attention tbh
Johnathan McDonald
I love this song....I sing it to my wife all the time at least once a day
Jessica Glaum
Love this song!! My husband and I's wedding song. 💜💜
Star Nguyen
Everyone is dedicating this to their lover and i'm just here forever alone.
the last song my best friend sent me I hope where ever you are ill get to see you :( miss you alot
Chris Castel
Lyke if u cri errytim an wood tayk bulit 4 ur girfrend u had 4 2 hole dayz
Amber Stafford
how about 2017
Samantha Wilson
my fiancé and I have chosen this song to be our song for life and we will even dance to this song at our wedding as our first song as husband and wife I love you baby don't ever forget that
Emmi kozak
This is the song I will get married too
Mackenzie Montanez
2017 ? Anyone
Alicia Freier
This is what my fiance and I are dancing to as our first dance <3
This should say something about the policeforce
nevaeh Clark
2018 any one
jocelyne cervantes
October 2017?