Funeral Party - New York City Moves To The Sound of L.A.

Music video by Funeral Party performing New York City Moves To The Sound of L.A.. (C) 2010 RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

Funeral Party - New York City Moves To The Sound of L.A. Смотреть онлайн
MLB the show memories right there
Dirk Reurslag
this extended version is way better than the radio one
Rocky Mtn. Dipper
mlb 11
I hate it when people call bands a 'sell out' Since when was gaining popularity, touring larger venues and having your music heard by more people selling out? What are they supposed to do? Continue touring tiny little pubs and clubs, making no money to keep idiotic little hipsters like you happy? Get a life.
Jessica Manzo
This band is just like LEGIT. i would die if i got to see them live
@BombTrackRecordings How hipster of you.
@macccmiller You're right in practically everything you just said and agree with that. But don't pretend like smoking hookah isn't addictive or bad for your health. When smoking hookah, you inhale much much more bad chemicals than when you're smoking a regular cigarette (the charcoal and tinfoil). Also, it is addictive, otherwise people wouldn't do it over and over again. :) Not hating at all, just pointing it out.
@morrissey07 they would have checked it out in the first place because of the band's name! The Funeral Party is a track of The Cure's third album, Faith, and is what the band named themselves after.
@morrissey07 in that case I don't really understand your question, because that's the ONLY answer! I never mentioned actually listening to the band, just checking out the video -__-
Fancy Hat
salad fingers
@markymark4114 so the other half was worth watching, right? coz its 4 and one half minutes long. you talk shit AND you can't do math. tsk tsk.
A-Mazing! how are you not bigger!?
Mayank Neema
Still love this song
Obvious Bicycle
One of my favourite new bands of 2011.
Chachi Yeti
its pretty cool he kind of sounds like alison mosshart thats good xD
Chachi Yeti
why is this band a lot into skateboarding?
@ipkurazz saw your comment. It sucked. :)
Saw them with Panic in Chicago and they were good!
Teaghan Young
approved :D
Diana Prince
@zmajwatch Lol, my thoughts exactly. but pretty good music. dunno why so many haters on the other vids though