Bon Jovi - In And Out Of Love

Music video by Bon Jovi performing In And Out Of Love. (C) 1985 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Johnny Cade
Aaah.BAck when Bon jovi actually made good songs
A lot of people, including Jon himself don't like the 7800 degrees Faranheit LP, but personally, I think it's great. This song, Tokyo Road, Only Lonely & of course the brilliant Silent Night are reason enough.
milica nikolic
Back when boys and girls all had the same haircut..
Back when Bon Jovi had some balls in their music...I wish they stayed that way.
Elrod Clyde
Criminal that they so strenuously ignore this album in their sets. Top to bottom, it may be the best one they ever did.
Lillieannen Sorensen
I met these guys (well, just John Francis) when they were opening for Ratt at Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln Nebraska in the 80's sometime. (I know. Ratt who?) He seemed very shy and polite. I feel proud of him for keeping that entire band together all this time.
I will not stop to cry when Jon die..
Wild n the young
Best Jovi song is the hardest part of the night
Rob Spafford
I'm 52 and just love cranking this tune  heading down the trans Canada hiway
francelita mejia
Me encanta el minuto 2:20 y el minuto 3:2
Betty Matthews
i like all of bon jovi songs he still great and thanks bon jovi for all your songs and many thanks
Kaydence Demers
I own every album and now I can finally buy the newest one. Thanks Jon for keeping the band alive ❤️😊
The Tenacious Kid
Young and wired 
Set to explode in the heat 
You won't tire 
Cause baby was born with the beat 
Take you higher than you've ever known 
Then drive you down to your knees 
I'll pick you up when you've had enough 
You been burned baby lessons learned 

In and out of love 
Hear what I'm sayin' 
In and out of love 
It's the way that we're playing 
In and out of love 
Too much is never enough 
She's gonna get ya 

Running wild 
When me and my boys hit the streets 
Right on time 
She's here to make my night complete 
Then I'm long gone I got another show 
One more town, one mile to go 
One endless night of fantasy 
Is all she left of her with me 

paul hardman
One of those rare occasions where the vid is every bit as cheesy as the song.
Sean Kofoed
I truelly miss Bon Jovi's 7800-F' (That's the "TRUE-BON JOVI!")
Jon Bon Jovi has said that he got the idea for this song after listening to KISS's "Heavens on Fire."
Alan Lloyd
After many years of bon jovi and after reflecting on the songs, THIS is their best one. That fuckin synth during the chorus is KILLER
Kim Stark
Back when Bon Jovi played harder rock and videos were fun ... Those were the days
maria Dimitrova
Bon Jovi  forever.......
Lori Armstrong
I'm so grateful to have grown up in the 70's ~ we had so much fun ~
We sure did ~ \m/^_^\m/ ~ ♪