The All-American Rejects - Change Your Mind

Music video by The All-American Rejects performing Change Your Mind. (C) 2006 Interscope Records

The All-American Rejects - Change Your Mind Смотреть онлайн
Katie Hughes
i wish this was longer
Latifa Lalafell
This song makes me wish I had friends
Jackeline Hernandez
Can i still get the ringtone from pepsi smash ?
anime lover
why is he sad?
i think this was a TV commercial .
Monica Flores
tyson Ritter is so hot
Jose Rojas
Tyson looks like me after any college exam x/ ....."dont run away, stop feeling fine!"
Pyromaniac 619
I was feeling really down one day, and this just this little 1:00 clip brought me happiness
Pyromaniac 619
I wish there was a way I could download this!
Diabolico Maargarito
Exactly the undescribale feeling right now.
Michio Franceschi
yeah music just gives you a place to escape and is there for you when everything is going wrong.
funny Nick
I long for a full version
Yohann the Programmer
I have that motorola camera phone before!
Dee Cee
Love this as my ringtone for awhile long time ago.
Dee Cee
I love seeing this again. Love the song and AAR even more today when new stuff is out there.
;-; you can't get them. the website isn't there anymore, & plus, you could only get some of the ringtones by getting the lucky code under sierra mist, mountain dew & other pepsi drinks alonnnnnnng time ago. ;-; The whole video of it all is on a website, if interested.
I absolutely love this band and love this song or ringtone. I never seen this band in concert and one of my biggest dreams is to see them in concert. When are they gonna freaking come to Canada????
I like how a one minute promo for this song has 1.8m views
Huh. Who knew Interscope had bands that produced good music. I thought their bands/artists only produced Pop shit.