The Bronx - "Side Effects" (Official Video)


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Extremely well done. Creative, interesting and entertaining video.

So, after watching a couple times, my guess is that everyone represents a different kind of mental illness or drug?
Matt = alcohol/depression
Ken = LSD/paranoia
Brad = meth/skizophrenia

No idea about Joby and the rest though. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it. Any thoughts?
Scott Perrin
Best. Band. Ever. Or, at least the last 15 years.
this has to be one of the most original videos ive seen in a while
Jorge Diaz
such a cool band and what a great video!! the bronx are the best
RR Lewis
Gonna go with Nine Inch Nails and a few others that are tied with The Bronx on best band of the past 15 years on that one Scott. N4m5ste I think you're on the right track
Bring someone from the Bronx I’m kind confused as to why there name is the bring
Charlie Random
L Brown
So, would the lone person who gave this song and video a thumbs down please come forward so we can all hit you with our angry comments? Haha. Jk.
Andrew Burns Music
Any musician would really appreciate your videos! Really fantastic stuff you have here! Time to get back in the studio myself!