David Banner - Black Fist ft. Tito Lo

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Official music video by David Banner ft. Tito Lo performing Black Fist. 2016 A Banner Vision

David Banner - Black Fist ft. Tito Lo Смотреть онлайн
Breyon EL Ra
our oppressors souls is stained by the blood of the innocent, and they shall feel our pain #hotep
Talaya Jones
1:22 judge by the scales of Ma'at and found Guilty. 1:47 Wakes up in the afterlife. 2:07 The dog represents Inipu/Anubis who is responsible for leading one down the dangerous hallways of the afterlife to the judgement they will face... 2:26 He is faced with the victims whom he slayed in the land of the living. 2:44 he is faced with his punishment.
I enjoyed the video. It was definitely too short
A son of 91
finally a rapper who has finally woke up and who is trying to not only wake up others but addressing a very real problem. I don't hate the police but if the justice doesn't live up to its name. I guess we'll have take it in our own hands.
Luna Moonuh
Keep your white jesus!! I love it!!! We unapologetic out here face it man !!! We ain't sorry for our blackness. We rising. Put ya fist in the hair if you recognize your black we the Kings and the Queen's and we taking power back!!!!
Abdalla Salah Imhotep
I am so proud of this brother who has taken the time out to put on camera the truth of the atrocities that are done to the "Black Man and Women" in America today, and for this very reason why I show my kids this video everyday! Brother Banner keep doing GOD work!
Octavious Johnson
this kills me the videos with no meaning have millions of views but the videos and songs that could possibly make a difference are not as popular
this sht go hard
Abzilla VS King Kong
Wow this was awesome !! Black power family ✊🏿✊🏿
Myron Davis
Dope song and video. Of course these white people dislike the video and talk bad about it. Black fist raised high and middle finger raised higher to white supremacy.
Aaron James
I love this..Finally positive music
Black consciousness in music. I love it.
Chantel Smith
This is what music is supposed to be about...... Deliver a Message to the people. Use your voice to speak knowledge. Thank you David Banner.
S RDVizions
Massive dislikes are coming
Melanated Prince
The white man's kingdom is about to fall.
Yahyma Queen
Pump yo black fist ✊✊✊✊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
KuLTuRe IkoniGrAphY
Wake up.. 100,000,000 Africans and Indians have been killed 2.500,000 black men are in prison 1,000,000 black are missing and there body parts 50,000 African kids are kid napped ever six months still blacks lead in all Aids case we are dieing at an alarming rate even at the hand of our selves..

We lead in abortions 250,000 70% black are single.

We are the all race that has die for this country while being insalve at some time giving so much.

Yet this white devil does not take any responsibility for the killing all over the world done.
Michael Jordan
The officer was found guilty by a group of his peers. Justice was served.
Dylan C
The problem isn't racist cops the problem is cops in general. The entire U.S. Gov't is based off of force and coercion, (Do X or X will happen to you) everyone is a victim of institutionalized violence. Don't play the victim as a black community stand together with all races against the system.