David Banner - Cadillac On 22's

Music video by David Banner performing Cadillac On 22's. (C) 2003 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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This is a seriously under appreciated song. Shit David Banner in general doesn't get the recognition he deserves, especially as a producer.
Mahogany C.
This song use to make me cry as a child . 😭
Mike Merrill
Love this track, and love how he reps Emmitt Till in the video.
Tye McGowan
2017 still listening to this, anyone else ?
This was my/my best friends song.. He took his life two days ago.. I can't :(..
prince jones
damn i was 11 when this came out, now im about to turn 23 in 4 weeks
Senait Ashenafi
Mississippi is a hellhole. You're lucky as hell if you ever get a break to get out of here.
Tha Bone Zone
The "hey hey hey" part at the end of the hook was always funny to me.
how did he slide into those shoes so easily
Luis Capellan
This is a classic.
DevStar OG
Thought this was about Cadillacs not David banner bringing dead people back
Earl Chaffier
I'm here lookin at my Lil homie, Jawanza, I never forgot you were in this video bruh. RIP Jawanza Ray, you're in the Kingdom of Heaven now smiling down on everyone.
A real brother speaking
Brandon Shotwell
i dont know about you man but i think David Banner just showed his soft side
emily jennings
David banner has always been true to his roles. He was perfect in "Black Snake Moan", he straight up rep the south so well. That movie was a prime example of what we are struggling with now down here. Rep Tn
Jeanette Lopez
2016 I still hear ya Mr Banner!!!! RIP Emitt Til
Yaanay Ellis
I haven't seen this video for years now that I got a better understanding this is a message ... Not about lac on 22 something u don't get out of music now days
Miklo Maez-Garcia
I love the song but the video makes no sense with the song
The R.
I still love this song today.
Real Tube
what hes saying is people have lost there life when all everyone wants is the better life