Anthony Hamilton - Cool ft. David Banner

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We don't have to worry bout no groceries, we can fill up on love alone,

If we ain't got enough for a movie, we can just sit at home

Have a little role play baby, whatever turns you on

If you're cool, then I'm cool, then we're cool

If you're cool, then I'm cool, then we're cool

Anthony Hamilton - Cool ft. David Banner Смотреть онлайн
Dang i remember playing this song over an over again. that man is fine and his music is amazing✔
Candice Barden
I remember when this song came out. I was at the lowest point of my life, extremely depressed. For three months the only thing that made me feel even a little happy was hearing this song. I honestly think it may have saved my life. I hope to meet him one day and let him know this.
christine thomas
I love how he actually talks about love not sex
paul baker
he is very underrated and he has a great voice!!!!!
Xo Babieee
My momma used to play this every morning before she dropped us off at school. I was in 4th or 5th grade. Now I'm going to the 11th. I miss those days
If you’re cool, then I’m cool, then we’re cool❤️
Gage Kiernan
Dawg.... that's all I got to say. The soul in this is unreal. Great fucking artist man
jaymisery outlove
when you cleanin the house the play this song on the highest volume it feels so good
phillippe robinson
This song still makes me smile.
Pookie Ain't dead
Before his time. He would of blew the hell up in 60-70's even with the greats of the time.
Jermaine Winkfield
Morgan Hillknox
Damn he fine when he shaved and lined up! like a diff person!

Bianca Long
Wish they still made music like this.
Still one of the coolest tracks. Love it!
dej Jones
Not paying your damn bills is not cool.
Shirley Price
quit your worrying girl quit your crying ...lyrics to my soul
Raven Symone
Still love this March 2017 and it's still jamming
Eric McDonald
his music makes ur world feel good whatever ur going through
Demetria L.Lewis
Da story of my life. Lol but not giving up
Ada O
I love this song....but no groceries and stuff man, I don't know lol.