J. Geils Band - Centerfold

Official video of J. Geils Band performing Centerfold from the album Freeze Frame.

The music video for "Centerfold" was directed by organist Seth Justman's brother.

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Mr. Graves
I may be a little late but Rest in peace man. You were one of,if not,the greatest
RIP John Warren "J" Geils.. (April 11, 2017)
Thank you for the music..!
His blood has run cold. His memory will soon be sold. His Centerfold is now an Angel. J. Geils has come full circle. Good night, sweet prince.
Tom Rolfson
RIP John "J" Geils. You helped define a generation when MTV was Music Television.
NPT Music
RIP J Geils ...
Ricky Williams
Rest in Peace...J giles. You'll be missed.
acadian otter
Nope no auto tune needed here!
This song was #1 on Billboard Top 100 list in 1983. It remained #1 for six straight weeks.
The hook for this song is incredible.
I've heard this song before, but I never knew the name. Thanks, Jojo!
Melody Fox
All these deaths (in the Music field) are freaking me out... (;o(*

John Geils jr., who founded the J. Geils Band, is gone*... (;o( He was found lifeless, at home, on April 11.

I interviewed them in the days of the hit single *Centerfold*, and also attended live performances. A fun group, although they broke up early, because of disputes, where both John and Peter went to pursue solo careers... I loved Peter Wolf, we had good times together...It was Peter, in my opinion, the heart of the Band... I also had a secret crush on him. ~ <3 ~

Heading to the stars, J. Geils...gone but not forgotten. (~_*)

Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)
rip. sorry polnareff killed you
쨍~~~하고 해뜰날~~~ 돌아~~~온단다~~~
Someone please build a time machine. I want to go back.
But does he have two right hands?
Et Jan
송대관씨 억울해서 어떻게 하냐...광광
Randy Woodworth
All those women are probably grandmas by now!
this may be an odd question to ask...but do you have two right hands?
How many people do you think are furiously googling "nanananana song" trying to find this song?