Godsmack - When Legends Rise (Audio)

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Godsmack - When Legends Rise (Audio) Смотреть онлайн
Jennifer Caine
I fucking love it
Better than bulletproof but could be a tad bit heavier. But That's just me. This is a really good song though. 👍
Stay Metal Ray
I'll support this band no matter what direction they go in
This and the new breaking Benjamin album? Ive died and went to heaven...
I left Pornhub to listen to this. And it was a good choice.
Kacazi x
Godsmack oh how I’ve missed you...
Colt Ham
This album is going to be the CD of the year!
Josh Shetler
I can't stop listening to this! Who's with me?
Fuck yeah! I love this song over bulletproof!
TripleA 19
Anyone hear the similarity in the drums with Move Along by All American Rejects?
Joe Scambait
Pure ear candy.... cant wait for GODSMACK N SHINEDOWN..... im from Boston and so proud of all the great tunes that comes from here...
Jacob s
Damn this album is gonna be bomb af
I know this is a great song, but I just have so much trouble hearing it as Godsmack.
Orgasm achieved
Laurie Whittaker
Fuckin superb 🤘🤘
Harley Schultz
Damn I've missed godsmack loved their music since the early 2000s nice comeback
fuckingslayer skateboarding
Love the drums on this
ugh..not diggin the new sound
Brian Osbment
I know some people probably don't like the new Godsmack stuff,but I am loving it! I liked the last CD as well!