Arcade Fire - We Exist

Arcade Fire -- 'We Exist' off the album Reflektor

Our film follows the story of a young person's struggle with gender identity.

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Andrew Garfield?
Mackenzie Petsch
when Andrew Garfield does his makeup better then you.
People seem to be upset at this video. Maybe I am interpreting it wrong, so here goes. When he gets beat up, he goes to his happy place while he is getting beat into oblivion. The four guys dancing like women represent the same people who are beating him up. This illustrates the inner struggle with people who act out and slander and assault people who are gay or transgender. Going into the light, represented dying and he headed to a place where he would be accepted.

I work in a bar and I see this all the time. When I intervene I tell the aggressor, " If you are mad about it, then you are struggling with your own homosexual/transgender tendencies." Usually this is followed by them screaming "I'm not gay", then I reply with "Me neither, but I am not bothered by it! You are at the point of physically manifesting your anger, so what is really going on there?" I am usually met with an uncomfortable silence after that, and they usually walk away.

Thanks for making videos that make people think. It is on the endangered list.
I'm new to this music. What genre is this music and what similar artists are there? Thank you.
paradoxal mess
i love andrew garfield even more now
Sean Sandoval
Andrew Garfield collaborating with Arcade Fire, so rad!! Him and the production team made him look great in this, (when I say "look great" I am referring to the performance of his character)
Vincent Schutt
I love when the 4 individuals dancers are cast as "masculine men" with facial hair and plaid shirts. This juxtaposition with the high heels, the way the shirts are worn and the characteristics of their dance moves brings up a powerful visual question for me.
"What does it mean to be a man".

To me being a man is a values statement of "I will stand up for those who cannot protect themselves". Something a man would do is own up to their mistakes, and be strong of will & character. In this video the attackers in the bar are male but not men. They are male cowards with so much insecurity they lose their will & character and exercise their physical strength unjustly on someone who cannot physically protect themselves.

For this reason I especially like the casting choice of Andrew Garfield. The Spiderman statement "with great power comes great responsibility". The attackers in the bar have physical power but no responsibility. The attackers may consider themselves men based on their physical strength, and ability to attack someone weaker. Ironically, the dancers are likely just as strong if not stronger than these attackers while not sacrificing their will or character.

I also like this casting choice, because it is both well done, and demonstrates multilateral support for the LGBT community.
Gülce Yavuz
This really hit home. Amazing song and music video. We must protect LGBT people and spread love. Stay safe everyone.
Salah Al-Bloushi
Brilliant! Andrew is awesome
To all those saying this is a bad influence, try watching the years worth of crap that has taught us to objectify women, that being depressed is a new trend and that the key to happiness is to drop sick beats and chase 2-dimensional pretty people. This video, right here, is the future. Embrace it. Learn from it. Let it open your mind and inspire you.
Mariah Conklin
lol! People are so weird. If someone wants to be a girl or a guy let them be a girl or guy why do people care so much?
Kyo Shiniga
Can I just say how amazing it it of Andrew to do this. I know he's taken criticism but this is such a huge step in my opinion. I love him to pieces.
Not Alan Smithee
I just feel bad for George Lucas. Hopefully he'll find his place as a backup dance
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Clayton Goldhawk
now i get why people are slighly mad that they didn't choose a transgender actor but here is my reasoning. They where trying to potray someone who was in an enviroment and didn't have the means for completly physical transition. most trans actors are already through that and usually there isn't many trans pre op actors. One of my friends who is trans infact hates when he gets any videos or pictures of himself because he isn't full comfortable with his appearance. Also in my opinion it would make more sense to me that a ftm actors should play male roles and mtf should play female roles. With a few exception like the role in the orange is the new black.
I know some trans people don't like this video but this just means everything to me and encapsulates so much about being trans to me. From the frustration of trying to pass to the horrible sinking feeling of watching a couple dancing together, knowing you're so undesirable as a trans person it's just so. Oh man...
M.A. Freund
This is so relevant after the Orlando mass shooting.
I wish everybody on Earth would just understand.
We should only treat each other with love.
Erin Malcolm
this song touches me so much. i am bisexual, part of the lgbtqa+ community. Although this video is not specific to me it makes me proud. It amazes me how many people tell me i'm not real, i don't know myself but we're here. We are all different and we are all proud.
Evan Brosnan
I'm not transgender or even gay...i'm straight but this video was very powerful. I got goosebumps at the end. So good. Thanks arcade fire.