Chris Stapleton - Nobody To Blame (Live on SNL)

john capone
Baddest dude in country music!
Wrekking Cru
I got nobody to blame...but the SNL sound engineer.
Matt Herr
This guy is the only hope for Country music. Its so good!
Charlie Hall
This guy is awesome. He could sing the phonebook to me and I will listen
you hear the soul? that's why we love country...
Outlaw Sullivan
jamey johnson and chris stapleton should do a duet album
The Titan Nicodemous
Chris Stapleton is one of the few left who is Keeping the Rap out of our Country.
Joe Ballew
Glad to see Keanu Reeves finally pursued his passion with guitars.
Stephen Taddonio
Saw the band live this past summer in upstate New York what a phenomenal show. He seems to cross many genres and I hear the influences of Van Morrison, Ray Charles and certainly his country roots...
Holly Cook
Hell yeah!!! Now that's what you call REAL country music! And boy can he play the guitar!
Rusty Boling
Been following Chris from The Steeldrivers, to The Jompson Brothers, and now on his own doing true original REAL country music.
Trent Follmer
This guy is the best musician of modern time hands down. Living legend...
Everytime I hear him on the radio, I think Travis Tritt is making a come back. Same voice, same awesome grit.
Joshua Deaver
Wow, Florida Georgia Line has 236 fans that dislike this song
Lesley Prewitt
Chris Stapleton is the BEST male country artist today I love his music!
I really like his wife's backup vocals... shes really good
great voice sounds alot like travis tritt to me
Alan Garrett
Not a fan of much country music but I know good singing and this dude be sangin'! Him and Brian White are fantastic. This dude can do RnB, the Blues, Funk and Country with ease
Daniel York
is it me or does he sound a lot like travis tritt
keisha dixon
This guy is by far the best country singer out there!