Buckcherry - Say Fuck It

Music video by Buckcherry performing Say Fuck It. (C) 2014 F-Bomb Records

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paying homage to ac/dc....that lightning bolt....that thunderstruck riff
IA Vagabond
Does anyone else think the guitar rift during the chorus sound like thunderstruck
Dudebro rock. Dumb as it gets.
I can't be the only one who hears the thunderstruck riff? is it intended or are they just looking for a copyright claim... xD
They're clearly having way too much fun with this song lol
Tyrone Wright
I HATE THE ORIGINAL !!! B/C made it HOT !!!
Metal Never Dies!
I don't care, Say fuck it! best advise ever.
Geno M
The N.W.A. hat is awesome.
I was watching the Icona Pop video and somebody mentioned this in the comments, so I thought I'd check it out. Gotta say I thing it's alright. Nah, fuck it, I Love It! If I'm out and hear either version I'll be happy.
When I hear people saying things like ,so & so stole that guitar riff from (whoever) or that melody from that song so & so did 10 years ago. I don't know how old some of you are but I.m probably older than most of the people making these comments (42) & the older you get the more you'll hear a song and think "hey they stole that from....."
Here is why.There are only so many notes, riffs and rhythms you can get from an instrument & rock & roll has been around long enough that there really isn't anything that hasn't already been done by someone already.
But you can put those things together in ways no one else has done before.    Plus artists have music that listened to when they were growing up that inspired them to do what they do.So it's only natural for those influences to show up in the things they write and or preform. 
Barry Proctor
they deliberately put the acdc riffs in there to spice it up
its called sampling and ACDC cant do fuck all about it. its legal
I didnt likem this till they made this video
looks like they are having fun and I love it

Say fuck it
I hate the original version but this track I can I could get use to!!
Demaris Oxman
This is 14, 391, 567 times better than the original.
robin martin
love it say fuck it! !
To all the buckcherry fanboys:
I dont why your mad at this song, This song is a paradoy of the original Icona Pop song: I Love It, listen to the verse at 1:04 and compare it with the original, In summery, Buckcherry dosent like Icona Pop anymore than you or I do. I would  consider this song as one of the many excellent rock songs that came out this year!
Brittany Plitt
Not what I was expecting. But i love it!!! Better than expected
Yes...it sounds a lot like AC/DC. Did everyone miss his tattoo of B-C that looked identical to AC-DC down to the lightning bolt at 0:04? Did everyone miss that the lead guitarist is dressed like Brian Johnson and Josh Todd is totally dressed like Angus Young? Yes, it's a cover of Icona Pop too. It's also one of my favorite songs ever, and for the haters who keep chiming in, WE DON'T CARE, WE LOVE IT.
Well this just made my afternoon.. love it!!!
Nice to hear this song done differently although having Buckcherry do it wasn't who i was expecting to make the cover for it.  I think i like this version better then the original.