Buckcherry - Somebody Fucked With Me (Official Video)

Buckcherry - Somebody Fucked With Me (Official Video)

Buckcherry - Somebody Fucked With Me (Official Video) Смотреть онлайн
Karl H
This is embarrassing for them. I tuned in coz a link appeared on another video I was watching...I remembered them from their "lit up" single about 15 years ago and I wondered what kind of train-wreck this barely one-hit wonder band managed to become. Holy shit. I love all the daylight opening-opening-band footage of a band playing at 2:00pm to a completely indifferent festival crowd. Can they try harder to be razor-tongued with the lyrics? "Fuck the system...fuck my parents". HOLY FUCK dudes, you are in your forties? I'd laugh but I'm too busy crying.
This band are still making good music, to all who says they now suck. Confessions is one of my favourite albums. This EP isn't as good but I don't imagine they envisioned it to be what you're all expecting. By the name of it and the message it is giving it's not hard to see they're experimenting, having fun with it and in this song telling it how it should be for so many people out there. Maybe not the fuck my parents bit... but for those who aren't so lucky this applies.
Joey Curran
I noticed something. I listen to a bit of everything and I find this strange. people who listen to rap hate other groups and fanbases because the singer says so. but in metal and rock they treat each other like a family and if you don't care for the band they don't give a fuck and just go on with their lives instead of saying shit
Lori Just
The blood that made Buckcherry run was the blues-based metal hooks that made you sit up and pay attention because it was like listening to something furious being unleashed...but what happened after the break-ups and reformations is that they added in players just for functionality but not for creative force. Keith and Josh are the primary force of the band, but the other guys basically add nothing but facility. Like, so what?

Todd's solo album had that insane thrash-industrial sound with the kids he picked up off the street, but even this stuff doesn't stand up to that in terms of being unique. Yeah, saying 'fuck' a bunch of times has a certain impact, and so it has a temporary validity, but really, it's like the pet rock - ok, it's there, we saw it, it was a fad, it passed. Buckcherry was making timeless music with the first 2-3 albums and "Crazy Bitch" had it's appeal...but this stuff...and most of the rest of the last few albums is just...meh...filler metal...passe'...blah at high volume...and this is coming from a diehard fan.

Back when they broke up, I thought 'they deserve to be HUGE' because of those first few albums...and I kept thinking if they got back together, they would hit it big...and they did with "Crazy"...but it's like they came back and had that hit and then decided to ride on controversy instead of musicality. I guess bad press is better than no press at all, but what they're doing now is just making music that will never stand the basic test of time. I bet most people can't even remember the majority of the music on the last few albums...and why should they? It's meh. The 'new' guys...who have been in the band now a long time, are just 'yes' men who are happy to have jobs. They dress the part, do their gig, stay for the party, press the flesh, and show up for rehearsal.

But at the end of the day, this shit is HOLLOW, man. Just because the fucking current generation hasn't got an ear for harmony and melody and groove, doesn't mean it's not worth DOING. If you're a band, and the audience is a bunch of tuneless, apathetic, emotionally restricted oafs, then what's the point of pandering to the crowd? That's called painting yourself into a corner. These same people thought you were awesome when you made the first few albums. Don't leave behind your sense of what's musical to cater to the tastes of people who don't know the difference. Now that you know how to use Twitter and Facebook and spin the media and play the game, what might actually happen if you came out with some GOOD songs instead of this noisy, attention-begging bullshit?

When people say "I want the REAL Buckcherry", they're not kidding. Keith and Josh should sit down and listen to their own first two albums again and get to work making killer tunes that have a longer shelf-life than a month-long fad or just give it a well-deserved break. As for this pathway of album after album of meandering mediocrity: FUCK THIS. 
Nick emo4evershall love the others
This song kinda reminds me of rage Against the machine killing in the name I dunno why but it's auesome thou
Penny Argabright
Hell yeah i love it!
Johnny Rocket
the lyrics remind me of a Rage against the machine song but buckcherry has their own nice ass punk rock sound that's so amazing and its addictive.
As long as Buckcherry is being shown by Vevo, they are apart of the "system".
Carlos Montaño
Josh, this is strong.
James Francis
listening to this song pretty much sums up my feelings about the state of our country right now
Leah Balla
seen BUCKCHERRY LIVE@reverb in reading pa. 11/17/15 0
This song, sung live is AMAZING!!!!!
Spirit of Fire Spitfire
This is so funny
So true
Morgan Dolenti
William Szabrowicz
Breakfast At Midnight
Ratm influence ? .........
This band just needs to die, they are terrible beyond comprehension. They think they are being original, they sound like an 11yr old yelling at their dad.