Buckcherry - Check Your Head

Music video by Buckcherry performing Check Your Head. (C) 2006 Geffen Records

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M H Doobs
Once upon a time two very successful and proud hard rock bands, AC/DC and Guns-n-Roses, had a baby and it was named Buck-frikkin-Cherry. Hard tellin who'd be the mother; GNR maybe?
Daniel Tyler
So many performers arrive before their  time. But I believe it is an equal misfortune when they arrive after their time has come and gone, except for one fact. It is such a bonus for all the old left over crispy critters like me. It's like extended play on the pinball machine.
His mouth reminds me of steven tylers mouth... they are both weirdly big..
michael vedder
saw Buckcherry when they were Sparrow in Hollywood.   Josh Todd is talented.  bottom line.  thats why he's still around 20 years later.   Keep going Josh.  
Jerry James
Josh Todd is a rock GOD,so many yrs and still rocking it out with that voice of a screaming banshee.
Josh Todd is Willem Dafoe's youner brother
Judo Lenny Ireland
One of my fav Buckcherry songs.. Would have loved to have seen them fif
Johnny Rocket
saw buckcherry w/ kid rock in 2013, still amazing
matt David
I want the lead singer babies like if he gets a girl knocked up and they put the child protigy up for adoption I'd def raise him or her and watch them grow into a new age rock star
Ed Lex
Eles fazem o que o Guns desaprendeu…
Eduardo Sistos
excelente video me encanto todo este cd de principio a fin , TE AMO Buckcherry ¡¡¡¡¡
Jerry James
I've always liked doing acid a lol vitamin A is good for the mind.
Kevin C
Before he fell for that model hardcore, their music was better. We always gotta be addicted to something.
Love this amazing song!
justin johns
i think this song was written about a local lice infestation
Maximillianrex Carpediem
So dumb that the video cuts out the part bout the guy dying from dropping acid. Like that's going to cause someone to try it.
lexi leigh
My favorite Buckcherry song by far. I've seen them four times and they played it only once. This song is so underrated.
Happy Spaztik
suck my ads vevo
Samantha G. Jones
@Babssparrow uhauhauha NO.
I remember this when I went to high school,.. I'm 34 yrs old now. Damn the years go by FAST😔😔😔